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Coaching The Body™

Restoring Pain-Free Movement

Eliminate pain at its source with a revolutionary approach to hacking the nervous system!

Coaching The Body® is a state-of-the-art approach for understanding and treating pain.  CTB™ uniquely synthesizes bodywork, trigger point therapy and cutting-edge insights from neuroscience to eliminate pain at the source.  The CTB™ methodology can be applied in manual therapy, movement therapy, yoga/athletics and self-treatment settings with incredible results.  Chuck's new book, ENDING PAIN can be purchased on Amazon beginning Sept. 20, 2022.

Hi - I'm Chuck Duff, Founder of Coaching The Body™ Institute.

Oddly enough, pain is a mystery to the medical profession. Our medical system is still in the middle ages in terms of understanding pain, which is why we have over 65,000 people a year dying of opiate overdose in the US.

Sadly, a high percentage of addicts begin with a prescribed opiate, and much of it is unnecessary. Pain is assumed by the medical establishment to always be a product of injury or disease, but this is just plain wrong.

I’m a trigger point therapist, and it has been demonstrated in repeated studies as well as my own 15 years of clinical experience that the vast majority of pain is from muscles that have developed trigger points. The key is treating them properly and addressing the CNS.

I have great success in my work, and it is my mission to help those suffering from pain, both directly and through training therapists around the world. 

That’s why, at CTB™ Institute, we have developed extensive training courses in our revolutionary pain treatment approach for: manual therapists, movement therapists, and self-care for individuals.  We offer online and in-person courses, as well as full certification programs.

My new book, ENDING PAIN, is the #1 bestseller on Amazon in Pain Management. 

Understanding the CTB Approach to Pain

This video series presents an overview of the Coaching The Body™ innovations in the understanding and treatment of pain. 

Practitioner Training

We offer flexible training options for those interested in learning our methodology and becoming a Pain Hacker. Students register for individual workshops, which are taught on a rotating basis and provide NCBTMB-approved CE hours. 

  • CTB™ Membership (completely online)
  • In-person workshops are offered in Illinois and other states, please see our Schedule page for upcoming offerings. 
  • Students may earn Specialist status by passing selected quizzes in our online Membership, qualifying the student to be listed in our PainHackers Directory.
  • Students may earn Practitioner status in our directory through a combination of online and in-person classes.

We'll work with you to build a custom curriculum that fits your needs.

Our students include yoga instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and interested individuals without prior training.

Click the button below to register for an info-rich webinar with Chuck Duff; regarding the CTB methodology and our flagship training, the CTB Membership.

Self Treatment

You don't necessarily have to see a therapist to get out of pain!

Self-care has always been a part of the CTB™ treatment paradigm and it has been refined through 20 years of clinical practice and application.  

We offer courses that teach individual pain sufferers the CTB™ understanding of pain, how to diagnose the sources, and how to efficiently and effectively treat the issues.

The techniques aren't difficult, one doesn't need any prior knowledge of anatomy, and the information is presented in easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks.

We are happy to hear so many success stories from people that have been amazed at their own treatment results!


CTB™ has a high rate of success with even very serious pain across a wide variety of diagnoses through our innovative understanding and treatment of the true sources of pain.

Our clinic provides Practitioner and Master level CTB™ sessions at our locations in Evanston, IL and Aurora, CO. (Currently limited due to Covid).

Online evaluation and self-treatment coaching sessions are also available from Master level practitioners.

Chat with Team

Contact our team, to get your questions answered now about CTB™ courses, certification programs and treatment.