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Adductor Magnus and TFL - Treating the Functional Unit

Some of the power of the Coaching The Body® approach comes from the attention paid to working both sides of the functional unit: agonists and antagonists. The CNS constantly monitors these relationships, and when one side develops trigger points, both sides must be treated. Muscles cannot stretch without their antagonists being able to shorten without issues. 

This demonstration vividly shows how working with the shortening side can have a dramatic effect on the muscle being stretched. 

CTB Membership

The Coaching the Body® Membership is our flagship course.  It's like an online apprenticeship program for those truly wishing to eliminate pain. There are two years of material, covering all of the major body areas, but you only need to join for the first year and can decide later about continuing.

We send our Pain Hackers weekly video lessons for 52 weeks on analyzing and treating the major pain complaints at the source, including self care techniques. All CTB theory and functional anatomy relevant to the muscle topics is included.

The membership includes a discount on our amazing Muscle Liberator™ tool and it provides 60+ CEUs from NCBTMB. 

Please click the button below to attend a webinar with Chuck Duff, to learn more about the CTB methodology and details of the Membership training. We offer a discount to webinar attendees who purchase the membership. 

Year One Body Areas:

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip and Thigh Pain

Year Two Body Areas:

  • Head and Neck Pain
  • Lower Leg, Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Low Back, Sacral and Gluteal Pain
  • Mid Back and Thoracic Pain
  • Forearm and Hand Pain