How To “Reprogram” Chronic Pain Patterns
In Just 1-3 Sessions
By Hacking The Central Nervous System

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Coaching the Body™ Institute

What You're Going to Learn:

The #1 Muscle​

Influencing shoulder function (And how to “unlock” it in a matter of minutes.)

How to “reprogram”

Chronic pain patterns… by hacking the central nervous system

What NEVER to do

When treating trigger points (This is a mistake I see all the time, even with experienced therapists.)

3 “hidden” muscle​

Fiber pairings that set up almost all cases of shoulder pain – your key to treatment success!

About Chuck Duff

Chuck founded Coaching The Body™ Institute in 2001. His desire to help people in pain led him to in-depth study of trigger point therapy, osteopathic techniques and asian medicine, and the school has now grown to offer 30+ workshops a year. Chuck’s focus on understanding the true origins of pain led him to develop CTB as a modality and he taught the first CTB course in 2005.

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