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Coaching The Body Fundamentals

    HOURS: 20
    CE HOURS: 17
    TUITION: $650

    Prerequisites: None

    Course Description

    This course covers the theory, principles and practice underlying the Coaching The Body™ system, a modality developed by Chuck Duff that integrates techniques of Thai bodywork with an updated understanding of the revolutionary concepts of trigger point therapy.

    Trigger point therapy, as initially formulated by Drs. Travell and Simons, included at the time only a partial understanding of some concepts that we have found to be critical to successful practice. We present in our "Trigger Point 2.0" model an updated framework for satellite referral, functional networks of muscles, and how the ideas of trigger point therapy relate to the understanding of pain in modern neuroscience.

    Theory and principles of trigger point physiology, muscle function and dysfunction are covered extensively in the accompanying online course (you retain access to the online portion permanently). We use class time to focus on our approach to assessments and manual therapy, including the CTB Treatment Cycle, treatment modules and protocols, and use of tools such as the EPS and Muscle Liberator™.

    We will show several treatment examples in various parts of the body showing how the CTB system of analysis and treatment works with related muscle groups and the central nervous system to establish pain-free movement. 

    Students will have significant hands-on practice time and will leave with a basic understanding of how CTB assesses for the most common perpetuating factors including lateral asymmetry (leg length/hemipelvis discrepancy), hyperpronation and breathing dysfunction. 

    This course is a required piece of the CTB Specialist Certification and the CTB Practitioner Certification. Your attendance and successful completion of in-person and online components will earn credit in our certification programs if you are a current or future certification student.