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Neuromuscular Yoga Anatomy Level 1

    HOURS: 20
    CE HOURS: 0
    TUITION: $490

    Prerequisites: None

    Course Description

    Muscles are a key area of knowledge for the yoga teacher or serious yoga student. Trigger points (tiny areas of stagnated metabolism) in muscles and soft tissue are responsible for the vast majority of pain and dysfunction that leads people to pain clinics, yoga classes and bodyworkers. Without knowledge of how muscles function and dysfunction, we miss the true causes of most pain -- as well as how to quickly and effectively change it. This course was developed and is taught by instructors with extensive experience as clinical bodyworkers, yoga practitioners and teachers.

    Yoga Alliance Contact Hours: 20. This course meets the Yoga Alliance standards for the 20-hour Anatomy and Physiology components of RYT-200 and RYT-300 programs.