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We've been treating the body's toughest pain complaints for over 15 years.

Most pain interventions (like surgery, prescription medications, and other approaches) don’t work. Pain either stays put like a stubborn mule, or recedes temporarily, only to return within hours or days.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s not being taught or practiced in most conventional (or even alternative!) bodyworking modalities…

The current, mainstream understanding of pain—where it comes from, what causes it, and how to effectively treat it—is flawed.

And the only way to truly eliminate pain is to find and treat it at its source.

What People Are Saying

Today was the first time in months that I got out of bed without pain...miracle worker!
Joann D.


Awesome! Thorough, effective, kind, professional. Focused on specific areas.
Lynette P.

Low Back Pain

...diagnosis of where the pain and/or restricted movement is coming from is spot on. Thereafter the treatment in those areas is very effective.
Stuart B.

Neck Pain

My son is a high school Varsity swimmer, with problems with his shoulders. Just after a few sessions the results are outstanding. Highly recommend!
Vladimir V.

Shoulder Pain

Amazing knowledge and skill to resolve physical issues related to my training.
Scott N.

Hip Pain

...tremendous technical ability and great observation and listening to diagnose and correct problems that seem to baffle other healthcare professionals.
Drew B.

Upper Back Pain

...amazing experience!...completely disarms the typical fight or flight nervous system response and allows for deep, productive and restorative healing.
Carol G.

Knee Pain

You are magic! I have felt better in the past few weeks than I have in 8 months. Thank you.
Blair C.

Low Back

A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else out there like these!
Julianne H.

KC Yoga Coach

Coaching The Body:  A new way to understand and eliminate pain.

Many people come in with an injury or diagnosis that is thought to be the reason for their pain.  

Sometimes, this is accurate. Many times, it isn’t. 

Our existing medical paradigm always has to find a pathology behind pain—something torn, inflamed, or diseased that is “The Problem.” 

Unfortunately, this belief system has a pretty poor track record in getting to the bottom of pain conditions and resolving them. People end up being given the same tired and ineffective recommendations: surgery, cortisone shots, pain killers.

At best, these are often just dead ends. But sometimes, they can cause additional complications, and even increase your discomfort.

Frozen Shoulder

Valerie came to the clinic from California with two frozen shoulders.  She was told by orthopedic doctors and physical therapists that nothing could be done.  After CTB treatment, she has pain free movement and is enjoying athletic activities again; including rock climbing and skiing.  Play the video to see some of her treatment and hear about her experience.

Trigger Point Therapy 2.0

Repeated studies have shown that most pain is the result of muscular adaptations called trigger points

Trigger points are like little clenched fists that live within your muscle tissue. Trigger points are often the result of the central nervous system attempting to protect a certain area of the body (by “locking it down.”) 

We call this phenomenon  protective engagement.

These small, local contractions can pull on their surrounding tissues and tendons, creating a domino effect of referral patterns.

For that reason, the origin of your pain might be in a different location from where you FEEL the pain.

At Coaching The Body, we are specialists in treating and resolving trigger points throughout the body.

We start with a series of specified assessments to analyze how your body came into its current pattern, then apply a series of clinically tested protocols designed to coax the central nervous system out of its protective engagement. 

After your session, your practitioner will work with you to help eliminate lifestyle factors that caused your pain in the first place (so it doesn’t come back). 

Our goal is to teach you where your pain came from, educate you in self-care strategies, and free you from reliance upon experts. 

We generally aim to provide significant improvement in your first session or two, even in serious pain conditions. 

Posture and Pain

Marie describes the incredible change she saw in both her level of pain and her posture after some Coaching The Body work.

Clinic Team

Chuck Duff

Chuck Duff


Doug Ringwald

Doug Ringwald

Master Practitioner

Zoe Verdin

Zoe Verdin

Advanced Practitioner

William Baird

William Baird

Advanced Practitioner

Coaching The Body

This unique approach combines key elements from traditional Thai massage, modern neuroscience, and a brand-new understanding of trigger point therapy.

It works. It lasts.

And it’s not available anywhere else.