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Courses Available at Coaching The Body Institute

CTBI offers a wide range of online and in-person courses for students looking to learn this method. 

  • The CTB Membership is a comprehensive, 2-year program that is entirely online and covers all of the muscles treated in our system. Anyone is welcome to join.
  • CTB Members can achieve Specialist level by passing the tests in the Year 1 Shoulder Module (Upper Body Specialist) and/or the Sciatica Module (Lower Body Specialist).
  • The CTB Practitioner (CTBP) program includes the Membership in addition to an additional set of core in-person and online courses. Specialist and CTBP levels both allow you to create a listing in our PainHackers Directory, searchable by zip code. 
  • Many of the CTBP required courses can be taken by anyone and are without prerequisites.