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Pain Area Specialist Certifications

CTBI offers Specialist certifications for students in our online membership training. These certifications allow our online students to participate in an optimal set of in-person courses so that they can benefit from the apprenticeship style learning offered at CTBI. This coursework also allows us to tune and verify skills in a way that is impossible with only online study. We currently offer two Specialist certifications: Shoulder Pain Specialist and Sciatic Pain Specialist. Other pain areas are planned. These two areas represent by far the vast majority of the pain conditions that we see in practice. While Specialist certification doesn't provide exhaustive training in all types of pain in these areas, our goal is with a modest amount of in-person study to train practitioners that are skilled at quickly resolving most complaints. More esoteric conditions require additional training, which is available in our CTB Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.

Certification Requirements

All specialist tracks require successful completion of the relevant portion of the online membership training and our CTB Fundamentals in person course. Once those are completed, the student attends one or more in-person courses that are particular to that pain area. During their attendance, the student will work directly with instructors to assess their skills. Depending on their status, it may be recommended that the student needs to work on some areas and will need to check out in a private mentoring session.

Shoulder Pain Specialist Requirements

  • Completion of the first 20 weeks of the online membership dealing with shoulder pain
  • Successful completion of online tests
  • Completion of CTB Fundamentals and its online component, including tests
  • Completion of Clinical Core for the Upper Body 1 and online components, including tests
  • Completion of Clinical Core for the Upper Body 2 and online components, including tests
  • Muscle checkout in the Upper Core muscles (may require additional one-on-one mentoring post-class)

Hip/Sciatica Pain Specialist Requirements

All of our certification programs are competency-based, and we work with you during your training to make sure you receive the feedback, mentoring and support you need to put our program into practice effectively. You will find that you can achieve results with many pain conditions that might have previously seemed untouchable using conventional approaches. Please click the button below to contact an admissions counselor about our Specialist programs.