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Upper and Lower Body Specialist Status

CTBI offers Specialist status for students in our online membership training. These designations allow our online students to participate in our PainHackers Directory by passing the test in their corresponding membership modules with a score of 80%. We currently offer two Specialist categories: Upper Body Specialist (formerly called Shoulder Specialist) and Lower Body Specialist (formerly called Sciatic Pain Specialist). These two areas represent by far the vast majority of the pain conditions that we see in practice. While Specialist certification doesn't provide exhaustive training in all types of pain in these areas, our goal is with a modest amount of in-person study to train practitioners that are skilled at quickly resolving most complaints. More esoteric conditions require additional training, which is available in our CTB Practitioner level.

Upper Body Specialist requirements: grade of 80% or more on the CTB Membership Shoulder Module.

Lower Body Specialist requirements: grade of 80% or more on the CTB Membership Sciatica Module