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In addition to the CTB Membership, we also offer asynchronous online courses for manual therapists and other practitioners (yoga teachers, athletic coaches, personal trainers etc.)

These courses provide in-depth training and focus on a particular subject. 

Functional Anatomy


Many therapists forget much of the anatomy they learned in school because they don't use it.  CTB therapists use anatomy and trigger point knowledge every day to understand and treat the sources of pain and movement dysfunction.  It is a living knowledge.  

If we understand the true action and function of each muscle in the body, we understand what activities would be limited by that muscle (daily activities, yoga postures, etc.), how it might be likely to get into trouble, and how to contract and stretch it.

One must become fluent with how to find, palpate, lengthen and shorten muscles, the problems they cause, pain referral and their relationships with other muscles.

Our Functional Anatomy course was developed to provide the essential muscle knowledge that is the foundation of the CTB treatment approach.

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Pain Hacker's Guide: Finding the Origins and Perpetuators of Pain

5 NCBTMB CEUs - Pending

This course goes into detail on how to find and correct the origins of pain, in yourself and clients. This is the most important part of what CTB therapists do, and the course will provide invaluable techniques for assessing, analyzing and correcting the perpetuating factors that always make pain return.

CTB manual therapy and self treatment techniques are extremely effective, but the best techniques are useless if the analysis is faulty. Uncovering and correcting perpetuating factors and the body's responses is the key to ensuring that pain will not return after manual therapy or self treatment.

Learn how to stop pain at its source!

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