The Incredible Human Endocannabinoid System and Whole Plant Hemp Oil


The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a vital mechanism employed in all vertebrate species to maintain homeostasis, or balance. Studies are emerging on a daily basis that show how a poorly functioning ECS contributes to a vast array of chronic symptoms, including pain, systemic inflammation, anxiety, depression and many more. Research is showing that these conditions can often be addressed by supplementing the body's internal cannabinoid compounds with phytocannabinoids derived from plants.

The ECS has three key components:

  • Cannabinoid receptors found on cell surfaces
  • Endocannabinoid molecules that activate receptors
  • Metabolic enzymes that break down endocannabinoids after they are used

The ECS has been the subject of intense clinical study in recent years because of its central role in regulating the neurological, endocrine and immune systems. For example, the ECS is what the organism uses to dampen excessive neuronal firing and control neurotransmitter availability, dysfunction in which can contribute to such symptoms as inability to focus, anxiety, chronic pain, depression and insomnia.


The immune system relies on the ECS to modulate excessive inflammatory response, which can occu

r as a consequence of leaky gut and other triggers, leading to systemic inflammation and potential autoimmune disorders.


Endocannabinoids and Phytocannabinoids


  • Cannabinoids are agonists that bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors and activate them.
  • Endocannabinoids are produced on-demand within the organism, and consist of primarily anandamide and 2-AG. They are not stored for later use and are almost immediately broken down by enzymes. This is very different than neurotransmitters and hormones, which persist.
  • Phytocannabinoids are molecules that occur in plants such as hemp, and are also capable of binding to CB receptors. They are not destroyed easily by enzymes and tend to persist in the body.



Dr. Ethan Russo hypothesizes that we can develop an endocannabinoid deficiency that leads to many problems, including migraines.


Dr Russo Interview:


Subsequent research has confirmed that underlying endocannabinoid deficiencies indeed play a role in migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and a growing list of other medical conditions. Clinical experience is bearing this out.


Insufficient endocannabinoid function can be improved via supplementation with phytocannabinoids which offer a similar but different set of effects. Studies have shown phytocannabinoid supplementation to be of incredible benefit across a wide range of disorders.


PrimeMyBody Whole Plant Hemp Oil


Because our work is about treating pain and dysfunction, we have been studying the ECS for some time due to its clinically proven role in controlling systemic perpetuators of pain, inflammation and sympathetic up-regulation. Until recently, cannabinoids were only available via medical cannabis, which was not legal in many states and has some undesirable psychoactive effects for many users.


That situation changed with the passage of the Farm Bill in 2012, which was driven by the strong advocacy of parents of autistic children. Cannabinoids have a profound anti-seizure effect, and in some cases have allowed children to have normal lives that were having tens or hundreds of seizures per day. The Farm Bill legalized the commercial growing of hemp with low THC content, making available the beneficial cannabinoids in strains that produce less than 0.3% THC.


After extensive research, Coaching the Body Institute has chosen PrimeMyBody whole plant hemp oil as the best in class product for cannabinoid supplementation. We selected this product for several compelling reasons:


  • Purity: the formulator of the hemp oil, Dr. Christopher Shade, was an organic/biodynamic farmer and is an expert in heavy metal detoxification, particularly mercury. This is the highest purity product on the market, and the company discloses Certificates of Analysis for each batch based on detailed chromatography, including metals, molds, and many other toxins.
  • Legality: PMB hemp oil is 100% legal in the US and many other countries due to its inclusion of virtually no THC in the formula. It is classified by the FDA as a nutritional supplement.
  • Potency: the PMB Hemp Oil uses a proprietary nano lipid formulation. Again, this is an innovation of Dr. Shade's and produces tiny 50-100 nm particles that are surrounded by phospholipids and are absorbed directly by the mucosa rather than the digestive system. By taking the liver out of the equation, this oil achieves true absorption and bioavailability that is 5-10X that of other oils.
  • Whole Plant Formulation: because this is a whole hemp extract and not an isolated CBD oil, the PMB oil provides the clinically demonstrated benefits of the "entourage effect" in which over 100 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes are able to synergistically work together, increasing clinical benefits.
  • Business Model: PrimeMyBody has created a business model that is based entirely upon independent affiliate distribution, with a very generous compensation plan. This allows us to not only distribute what we feel is the highest quality product on the market, but also allows us to pass an attractive business opportunity in an incredible growth market along to members of our community. Many of our contacts are therapists, yoga and pilates teachers, or have some other personal network that can benefit from this type of product. With a modest investment of time and funds, individuals can essentially set up their own independent business in the exploding cannabinoid industry.


Learning More


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