CTB Hyperpronation Correction System

Give Yourself and Your Clients Lasting Relief from Pain!

Foot hyperpronation is a very common perpetuator of pain, all sorts of pain, in the lower body and upper body.  When the foot and ankle lack stability, there are repercussions throughout the entire kinetic chain.

Foot hyperpronation is recognized as problematic by the medical community, but its role in pain conditions is generally undervalued, poorly understood and inadequately corrected.

I searched for years to find a corrective product that worked...I finally gave up the search and created my own products that work perfectly with the CTB system of analysis and correction.

Hi - I'm Chuck Duff, Founder of Coaching The Body Institute.

Oddly enough, pain is a mystery to the medical profession. Our medical system is still in the middle ages in terms of understanding pain, which is why we have over 65,000 people a year dying of opiate overdose in the US.

Sadly, a high percentage of addicts begin with a prescribed opiate, and much of it is unnecessary. Pain is assumed by the medical establishment to always be a product of injury or disease, but this is just plain wrong.

I’m a trigger point therapist, and it has been demonstrated in repeated studies as well as my own 15 years of clinical experience that the vast majority of pain is from muscles that have developed trigger points.

Trigger points just don't happen randomly or as the result of injury.  They are caused by acute and chronic stress on muscles.  Chronic muscular stress often derives from postural adaptions to foot hyperpronation.

Proper analysis and adequate correction of hyperpronation is the key to long lasting relief from upper and lower body pain, and that's what the CTB Hyperpronation Correction System provides.

Understanding Hyperpronation: The CTB Perspective

What is it?

Pronation is the natural movement of the foot and is necessary to provide smooth gait.  If there is excess mobility in the ankle, the foot tends to collapse inward.  This is hyperpronation.  It is very common and sets up many upper and lower body pain complaints.

Watch the video to learn more (1.5 minutes).

How does it cause pain?

A disturbance in the foot and ankle ( insufficient or excess mobility) causes repercussions throughout the body; postural adaptations, mechanical stress and trigger point pain referral.

Depending on the body's adaptive strategy (releasing or bracing), pain can manifest in the lower or upper body.  The root cause of many pain complaints is hyperpronation, including:  headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and various other medical diagnoses.

Watch the video to learn more (5.5 minutes).

Correcting Hyperpronation: The Key to Lasting Relief!

Treating the muscles causing pain will ameliorate it, in the short term.  But why are there muscular problems in the first place?  Muscles just don't "break" or "go bad".  The factors that are chronically stressing the muscles must be identified and corrected to obtain lasting relief.

After resolving hundreds of upper and lower body problems in our clinic, we have identified foot hyperpronation as a key perpetuating factor that commonly sets up pain.  And we have refined, over many years, our assessment methods and corrective measures.

We did not originally intend to produce insoles, but "necessity is the mother of all invention."  Frustration with the inadequacies of available insoles and orthotics, plus our understanding of the importance of proper correction drove us to create our own.  The CTB Hyperpronation Correction System is the culmination of many years of research, experimentation and clinical experience with what really works.


Overview: CTB Hyperpronation Insole System

Each insole kit includes:

Watch the video to learn more (7.5 minutes).

Painhacker's Guide: Assessing and Correcting Hyperpronation

Our insole kits are fantastic hyperpronation solutions.  For maximum effectiveness, the insoles need to be customized for each wearer.  And that necessitates an accurate assessment of how much correction is needed and how to apply it.

We have put together an online video course that details how to assess hyperpronation and how to customize each pair of insoles with the system componentsThis course is straightforward and practical.  End users as well as therapists have found it very helpful and effective.

This course includes: 

  • Overview of the insole components.
  • Demonstration of assessing hyperpronation.
  • Demonstration of customizing insoles.
  • Downloadable PDF guide (30 pages).

The course is available as a bonus with all purchases of the CTB Hyperpronation Insole System!


Meet Your Instructors

The CTB Hyperpronation Correction System was designed by Chuck Duff and refined over many years.  The BONUS Online Course is presented by two respected teachers with many years of clinical experience helping clients with pain. They use these insole systems personally and with their clients – and now you can benefit from their success.

Chuck Duff

Chuck left a lucrative (but soul-sucking) career in software development to pursue training in traditional Thai massage. He opened his first clinic, Thai Bodywork, in 2001, and quickly became frustrated with the lack of understanding in traditional methods for deep, long-term pain relief.

During his decades-long quest to understand the true nature of pain, he rediscovered the forgotten nuances of trigger point therapy, and realized he could integrate it with his training in Thai techniques. He developed Coaching The Body™ through years of research and clinical study, and has been teaching it since 2005.

Chuck's in-person and online teaching has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches in the world for treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Doug Ringwald

Doug was a yoga instructor (and a musician, and a graphic designer, and a soccer player) with chronic back pain. As long as he was practicing yoga, he wasn’t in pain.

But he found himself unable to help his students with their chronic and severe pain. He felt frustrated by his lack of knowledge in functional anatomy and kinesiology.

Doug explored a myriad of learning opportunities—but after a life-changing experience with Thai Bodywork, he decided to enroll in Chuck Duff’s Level I training program. And we still can’t get rid of him. 🙂

Three years later, Doug quit his job in digital publishing to become a full-time therapist and teacher. He’s been teaching alongside Chuck since 2014, and he sees clients at his Aurora, Colorado clinic in addition to his training and curriculum development at CTBI.

Discounted Offer - Good For The Next 3 Days!

Most pain complaints can be drastically reduced or eliminated by using the right techniques in the right places – but they will come back unless foot hyperpronation is adequately corrected.  Hyperpronation is a primary pain perpetuator and can be easily corrected with the proper analysis and correction.  I want you to enjoy long lasting pain relief and provide it to your clients as well as empower you in understanding this common pain perpetuator.  That's why I'm offering you a 10% discount on our CTB Hyperpronation Correction System + BONUS Online Course.

Many people spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of insoles or orthotics, that do not adequately correct hyperpronation and don't provide substantial long-term pain relief.  In our system, we analyze and provide corrections at the hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot.  The CTB analysis and correction methods have been refined over many years and hundreds of client sessions.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on useless orthotics, give these CTB insoles a try – we know they work. I'm so confident, you have 30 days to return for a full refund if this really doesn't work for you.

CTB Hyperpronation Insole System + BONUS Video Course

Each Hyperpronation Correction System includes the following items.

2 CTB Hyperpronation Correction Insoles

Full length insoles with a firm yet flexible arches. Supportive yet allows full, natural foot movement during gait.

Adjustment Tape

24" of closed cell foam tape for additional correction: forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot.

2 Gel Arch Supports

Self adhesive gel arch supports provide additional correction for severe hyperpronators.

BONUS Video Course

The Painhacker's Guide: Assessing and Correcting Hyperpronation details how to assess hyperpronation and customize the insoles for a perfect correction.

Downloadable Presentation

You can download our PainHacker's Guide: Assessing and Correcting Hyperpronation slideshow reference document. It provides information on assessment and correction as well as detailed foot/ankle anatomy.

Additional 45% Off Bulk Orders of Six or More!

In addition to the 10% discount, customers will receive an additional 45% discount by purchasing 6 or more insole kits. This bulk discount allows therapists to purchase insoles in quantity for resale to clients. 

CTB Hyperpronation Correction System + BONUS Online Course

$ 79
  • 2 CTB Hyperpronation Correction Insoles
  • 24" of Closed Cell Foam Adjustment Tape
  • 2 Gel Arch Supports
  • BONUS Online Course on Assessment & Correction
  • Downloadable PDF Reference
  • Save 20%!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

6 CTB Hyperpronation Correction Systems + BONUS Online Course

Additional 45% Off!
$ 260
  • (6x) 2 CTB Hyperpronation Correction Insoles
  • (6x) 24" of Closed Cell Foam Adjustment Tape
  • (6x) 2 Gel Arch Supports
  • BONUS Online Course on Assessment & Correction
  • Downloadable PDF Reference
  • Save additional 45%- - - More Than Half Off Original Price!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our training and products 100%! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes!  The bonus online course includes a video dedicated to self assessment in a mirror and customizing insoles for yourself.

Yes, absolutely!  The bonus online course is detailed yet easily understandable for non-therapists.  There is a video dedicated to self assessment and modifying insoles for yourself. 

There are 2 purchase options; individual kits and orders of 6 or more.  See the price table above for specifics on the options.

Yes!  We stand by our training and products 100%! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.