Coaching The Body™ Level I: Thai Bodywork Fundamentals

What: 2.5-day intensive training

Where: Evanston, IL

Who: Chuck Duff, founder of Coaching The Body™, and advanced CTB practitioner Doug Ringwald

Who It’s For:

  • Massage therapists
  • Yoga instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Anyone who is interested in learning Thai massage and/or addressing pain issues

How It Works:

Thai Bodywork Fundamentals is a weekend-long intensive that includes one-on-one work with the instructors in addition to hands-on coursework, testing, and documented clinical practice.

You’ll learn a mat-based sequence that can be performed as soon as you return to your practice (and can easily be adapted to table work if you choose). This is a pared-down version of a more complex series—we like to think of it as more foundational than “beginner.” These are techniques you’ll continue to master throughout your career.  

You’ll also receive 24/7 streaming access to an online version of the course, including all lectures and demos before and after class, which will be yours to keep forever.

Meet Your Instructors

Chuck Duff

Chuck left a lucrative (but soul-sucking) career in software development to pursue training in traditional Thai massage. He opened his first clinic, Thai Bodywork, in 2001, and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources available for deep, long-term pain relief.

During his decades-long quest to understand the true nature of pain, he rediscovered the forgotten nuances of trigger point therapy, and realized he could integrate that with his training in Thai techniques. He developed Coaching The Body™ through years of research and clinical study, and has been teaching it since 2005.

Chuck's in-person and online teaching has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches in the world for treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Doug Ringwald

Doug was a yoga instructor (and a musician, and a graphic designer, and a soccer player) with chronic back pain. As long as he was practicing yoga, he wasn’t in pain.

But he found himself unable to help his students with their chronic and severe pain. He felt frustrated by his lack of knowledge in functional anatomy and kinesiology.

Doug explored a myriad of learning opportunities—but after a life-changing experience with Thai massage, he decided to enroll in Chuck Duff’s Level I training program. And we still can’t get rid of him. 🙂

Three years later, Doug quit his job in digital publishing to become a full-time therapist and teacher. He’s been teaching alongside Chuck since 2014, and he now sees clients at his Highland Park clinic in addition to his training and curriculum development at CTBI.

I thought I knew a lot about shoulder treatment, but this class deconstructed and reconstructed what I knew.

The class was very informative and the mixture of illustration, practice and integration is exceptional.

I felt welcomed and comfortable, the teachers were very down to earth. There was no pressure; we were corrected when needed and I was allowed to learn at my own pace. The teachers were very knowledgeable about able to answer some challenging questions. Truly a great environment for learning.

I've trained in multiple movement systems and martial arts... this has been some of the best teaching I've ever encountered.

Thorough, thoughtful, and most excellent!

As always you have provided us with a fantastic amount of information that is coherent and well presented.

About Coaching The Body

Coaching The Body™ is at the forefront of understanding and treating the true origins of pain. It was developed by Chuck Duff, a leading expert in the field of understanding and treating pain.

Based on decades of research and clinical experience, this approach combines:

  • the movement- and energy-based techniques of traditional Thai bodywork
  • a modern understanding of trigger point therapy and functional anatomy
  • advances in modern neuroscience

Level 1: Thai Bodywork Fundamentals is our introductory course, open to all. We also offer a 250-hour NCBTMB-approved certification course, with three different levels of certification available.

Level 1 Enrollment Offer

Included in your tuition, you will get our online Level 1 In Depth course for your study before and following class (a $200 value). 

Level 1 Dates: Attend any of our Level 1 trainings in 2019

Location: CTBI Studio, 537 Custer Avenue, Suite 5, Evanston, IL 60202

Cost: $650 

Help more people. Period.

You’re here because you care about people. You want to help them…  

  • move better
  • feel better
  • live better

But sometimes, a client comes to you with severe pain or functional limitations that you don’t know how to handle. You feel limited in your ability to help them, and frustrated by all the things you don’t know / can’t do.

Meanwhile, your body’s getting worn out from all that table work, and you’re ready to try something new.

Something like… a weekend bodywork intensive that will teach you how to help more people with their pain, AND a floor (or table) based sequence that’s easier on your body.

Yeah, that totally exists!

Coaching The Body™ Level I: Thai Bodywork Fundamentals will help you:

  • Expand your practice (or start a new one!) with a safe, movement-oriented and very effective new 90-minute session
  • Protect your body from occupational injuries in the hands, shoulders and arms
  • Incorporate the principles of Thai bodywork / Asian stretching into your practice
  • Apply the theory of our updated Trigger Point 2.0 approach to pain

I was expecting entry level—but left with so much more. I am so eager to go forward learning from Chuck.

My favorite class so far and I've taken many!”

I feel Chuck's approach is amazing and I feel that the material is the approach for pain. The whole program is needed for everyone. I feel that I have helped clients through Chuck's approach in trigger points and his whole CTB program. I watch chiropractors, therapists, PT's and I feel CTB is the future for pain relief!

This is so much more than traditional Thai massage.

In this weekend-long, hands-on program, you’ll learn a basic Thai bodywork sequence, and learn how to move on the mat fluidly and without effort.

We also teach the basic principles of functional anatomy, Trigger Point Therapy “2.0,” and the patterns of referred pain. This knowledge is essential to the treatment and elimination of pain—and missing from most traditional Thai trainings.

Thai massage is movement-based—for the client, yes, but also for the practitioner. We draw on our training in martial arts and yoga to teach you how to move with elegance and efficiency (while protecting those hands and wrists).

This workshop is our introductory course for our Coaching The Body™ method, a groundbreaking new methodology for understanding and treating the true origins of pain. To learn more about Coaching The Body™ and our additional course offerings, click the button below.

What You Will Learn in Level 1:

  • A foundational Thai bodywork sequence (including supine, side lying, prone, and seated positions) that you can perform right away on clients, friends, and family
  • The fundamentals of body mechanics, positioning, compression, and working with passive stretches
  • A basic understanding of the functional anatomy and trigger point effects of our movement-based clinical work
  • How we apply these techniques to real pain cases in clinical practice
  • A peek into the Coaching The Body™ method, including “Trigger Point Therapy 2.0” as an integral piece of treating pain
  • How you can become a Certified Coaching The Body™ Practitioner

Best CE class I have taken in 10 years!

This is by far one of the most incredible trainings that I have been to. The content is direct and accessible, and the training is incredibly efficient. From the body mechanics and doing the work to the way the material is presented, I can't wait to come back and continue learning.

There is so much amazing information covered!

Level 1 Enrollment Offer

Included in your tuition, you will get our online Level 1 In Depth course for your study before and following class (a $200 value). 

Level 1 Dates: Attend any of our Level 1 trainings in 2019

Location: CTBI Studio, 537 Custer Avenue, Suite 5, Evanston, IL 60202

Cost: $650