Uncover the true origins of pain. Restore your clients’ healthy movement (and peace of mind).

Become THE ONE who knows how to fix pain, even when everything else has failed.

"I'm taking the class & it’s awesome❣️Im getting great results with all my clients 🙌"

-- Nancie Fox, CTB Member


The Coaching the Body Membership Bundle includes:

Regular Price: $1497

  • A year of training classes from our online library — $5200 Value
  • The Muscle Liberator™ Tool — $450 value
  • 60+ hours of remote CE approved by NCBTMB — $1800 Value
  • Specific Muscle Liberator trainings for each muscle – ONLY available in the membership — $2200 Value
  • CTB Muscle Reference Manual – $997 Value
  • Live Online Trainings With CTBI Faculty – $497 Value
  • Members-Only Mastermind Group – $997 Value
  • Discounts on In-Person & Online Classes – $450 Value
  • Total Value: $12,591
A Pain Hacker Success Story: Krista Matison

Krista's practice is booked months in advance, and she even counts several MDs among her clientele.

She is a yoga teacher in northern Minnesota who came to us because she saw so many students in pain, and really wanted to be able to help them. She was nervous about her lack of formal training, and unsure about whether or not she’d be able to build a successful practice with Coaching The Body techniques. Today, Krista has created a unique offering combining CTB and yoga therapy techniques.

The top 3 concerns people have about our methodology:


I’m afraid I’m not qualified to learn / practice this stuff.

We’ve successfully taught thousands of students over the years, and at least half of them started out as beginners.

For example: a yoga instructor with no formal anatomy training; a personal trainer who isn’t traditionally expected (or in some cases, allowed) to do manual therapy, and therefore never had to study trigger point referral; a massage therapist who’s doing her best to help her clients, but hasn’t made significant progress with any of them—and so many more.

Our lessons are structured in small-bite sequences that focus on one muscle group at a time. We take you through a series of specific protocols for each group, so you don’t have to spend two decades figuring it all out. (I already did that part for you.) You’ll be able to tackle most major pain complaints by simply following the protocols.

Learn More

I already have lots of training and don’t need any more. Skip to the part about the fancy tool.

Yes, we have a proprietary tool that’s specifically designed to facilitate Coaching The Body™ treatments. We’ll talk about it in a minute.

But the tool ONLY WORKS when the proper theory and analysis are put into practice as well. We’ll never sell the tool without the training, because a) we know it won’t work, and b) we’re not okay with that.

This isn’t the Shamwow. If all you want is the tool, you’re in the wrong place.

Isn’t this outside my scope of practice?

Practice laws vary from state to state, as does the enforcement of such laws.

I *could* go on a rant about how the mainstream medical industry puts these laws in place to intimidate practitioners, or how much money these institutions would lose if those same practitioners were able to resolve pain for good—without expensive, invasive surgeries or addictive narcotics… but that wouldn’t be helpful.

This is an issue we’ve struggled with for years, and will continue to struggle with, until the laws change. That said, we have successful students practicing in at least 17 different states, from a variety of backgrounds (yoga, fitness, etc.), all of whom have figured out a way to make it work.

Our program is designed to give you direct access to both your instructors and your fellow students—and we’re ALL driven to help as many people as we can. Because there’s such disparity from one state to the next (and on top of that, different professions are regulated differently), there isn’t one blanket answer I can give you here. But what I CAN tell you is that we’re constantly working on this, and you have our full support.

We know that what we’re saying (and doing) about pain is controversial to some.

But no matter how much controversy comes our way, we’ll never stop teaching our students, or treating our clients, or getting this information out to as many people as we possibly can. Why? Because it works.

"I’m a COTA, every patient I have has some type of shoulder pain. In the first 2 weeks of this class, I’ve been able to effectively assess where the pain is actually coming from. I’ve helped 5 people eliminate their pain using the techniques Chuck teaches." - Dawn Pabst – CTB Membership Student

The Muscle Liberator™

The mad-scientist invention that cuts treatment time in half

Coaching The Body™ trigger point work requires a precise combination of power, RPMs, specificity, and head elasticity. The Muscle Liberator™ was designed specifically for this type of work, and using it has dramatically sped up the therapy process for us.

The Muscle Liberator™ is a small, hand-held tool that allows for multiple hand positions and angles, while providing sufficient power and variable speeds. It has soft, custom designed silicone heads that range in size to pinpoint specific taut fibers throughout the body, last for years without needing replacements, and can run safely over bone.

*NOTE: We wanted a tool that would facilitate Trigger Point Therapy 2.0—NOT massage. What we do is not a form of massage.

Since incorporating the Muscle Liberator™ into our practice, we’ve noticed…

  • We can treat pain conditions more quickly.

  • We’re getting more done in each session.

  • Clients are reporting less tenderness and discomfort during their treatments.

  • We are able to soften taut fibers in a matter of seconds.

  • Clients think it’s super cool.

  • It makes our practice unique among competitors.

  • Our clients are kind of obsessed with us.

  • We’re saving our hands, arms, shoulders, and backs.

Get access to the full online training (and your own Muscle Liberator™!) and join our crew of ‘pain hackers’ today.


Coaching The Body™ Membership Training: LESSON OVERVIEW

Weeks 1-20: Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is hands-down our most commonly treated issue, and pain in this area can originate from any number of trigger points and referral patterns. We’ll start with protocols for treating the rotator cuff, and move outward from there. We even have lessons devoted to treating frozen shoulder and rounded shoulder posture.

Weeks 21-32: Sciatica

We start with an overview of the common symptoms and root causes of this painful condition, and demonstrate treatment protocols for all the muscles involved, including satellite referrals and all relevant functional relationships.

Weeks 33-44: Knee Pain

Working our way down from hips to ankles, we’ll examine every possible contributor to chronic knee pain, and how to treat it. This section also includes recommendations for rehab protocols.

Weeks 45-52: Hip, Thigh, & Groin Pain

Weeks 45-52: Hip, Thigh, & Groin Pain
We’ll finish the year with a detailed exploration of some of the more specific complaints and muscles related to the hips, thigh and groin.

Ongoing Training

After your first year, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to treat many of the most common pain issues you’ll encounter in your clinic. As we move into year two, we’ll dive into low back pain, foot and ankle pain, and more.

Additional Certifications

We offer specialist certifications throughout the year that focus on specific pain areas. As a member, you'll receive a discounted rate on these workshops, and upon completion you’ll be added to our directory of certified practitioners. We get many client inquiries about specific pain conditions, and we'll be able to refer them to you.


If in the first 30 days, "Coaching the Body" isn't working for you, or if you aren't happy with the content or product, I will refund you 100% of your payment. I am so confident that my techniques work, that this is an easy guarantee to make.

We've tested these methods out with many clients and students, and they're constantly blown away at the results we're able to provide.This is a revolutionary way to completely eliminate pain from the body.

Cancel at any time prior to the yearly renewal.
You will always retain access to the lessons that you've already paid for.

It's saved my hands. Even though I use my elbows, feet and knees a lot, there's still a lot I was doing with my hands and thumb. Now I don't have to . . . and people LOVE it!

Donna Ryckaert

CTB Student and Therapist

I am a small person and the Muscle Liberator is what made me feel as if I really have a future healing pain. Before this tool, I just wasn't certain my body would be able to handle larger people over the long run.

Treya Jaholkowska

CTB Student and Therapist

I've trained in multiple movement systems and martial arts... this has been some of the best teaching I've ever encountered.

Robert Verdell

Physical Therapist

FAQs About the CTB Membership and the Muscle Liberator™

About the Coaching The Body Membership


Do we have 24/7 access to the videos forever?

Yes! Once you become a member, the videos you receive access to each week will always be yours to watch.

What do we get with the CTB Membership?

The membership is a guided series of lessons, one per week, on how to treat the significant pain symptoms of the body. Think of it as an ongoing course that guides you step by step through our amazing Coaching the Body approach, with muscles and topics covered in the most logical order - starting with shoulder pain, the most common complaint that we see. You will get slides, videos, downloadable materials and more! Much of this material is only available via the membership. JOIN US!

Do the lessons provide Continuing Education credits for massage?

We are an NCBTMB-approved CE provider. We are approved for 28 CEUs just for the Shoulder Module (first 20 weeks) alone. The entire year provides over 60 CEUs. 

What is the benefit of purchasing the CTB Membership over just the Muscle Liberator?

While we love the Muscle Liberator and all it can do, it wouldn’t be the tool we know it to be without the knowledge and understanding we have of not only Trigger Point Therapy and pain referral in the body, but also the use of reintegrative movement, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and breathing techniques, and our extensive body area protocols. In other words, we cannot guarantee success with the Muscle Liberator without the Membership. Using a tool like this to simply "iron muscles" loses 90% of the benefit.

About the Weekly Lessons


How many videos do we receive with the CTB Membership?

Each week you will receive 1-2 hours of video content along with downloadable materials including slides and other references. Some of this content may exist in some form within other courses in our online library, some of it is unique to the membership.

If I'm already a CTBI student, does this program still make sense for me?

Absolutely! Consider this program an easily accessible, topically oriented tour through the body, starting with the most common pain complaints you are likely to see. The membership will always include our most up to date and current techniques. Much of the material will ONLY be available through the membership, such as the Muscle Liberator-focused material. Existing students in our certification programs are eligible for discounts on the membership, please contact [email protected] for details.

Does one need to know Thai Massage or Trigger Point Therapy for this program to be useful/applicable?

With the CTB Membership, we will show and teach you what you need to know about body mechanics/techniques and Trigger Point Therapy to get significant benefit for your clients and your own body. While our program uses techniques from Thai bodywork, these are taught as needed, and you will not need a prior background in any type of bodywork to benefit. Most techniques are easily adaptable to the table.

What if I already own a number of courses in the CTB Academy Online Library? Will this be redundant?

A portion of the material will be entirely unique to the membership. While some material from the online library may be reused in the membership content, the sequencing, presentation and curation alone are worth the cost. We present the material in an order that makes sense within the larger topics that we'll be covering, one muscle or grouping at a time. In addition, we have ongoing opportunities for members to interact with teachers, including a private Facebook group and regular live webinar events.

About the Muscle Liberator™


Are there muscles the Muscle Liberator SHOULD NOT be used on?

People are often surprised to find out that the Muscle Liberator can even be used in delicated areas of the body. It can be used on even sensitive muscles like the serratus anterior - the issue is more about technique than the tool itself. The beauty of this tool is that it can be used solely for distraction and without any weight behind it, so the effect on the muscle is more like rapid vibration. Muscles like the serratus anterior respond remarkably well to this type of distraction.

Areas that we don't recommend include areas with delicate neurological or vascular structures like the anterior neck or brachial plexus, where there is little or no protective muscle layer. We also advise care around delicate bony structures in the cervical spine and the skull.

What is the action of the Muscle Liberator?

The Muscle Liberator provides simple percussion, with no rotation or lateral motion on the skin. This makes it usable in all areas of the body, and allows for precision use with smaller head sizes. Pressure and speed can be varied through a wide range by the operator.

What is the Muscle Liberator?

The Muscle Liberator is a professional, high build quality, variable-speed percussion tool that administers percussion and vibration at a rate of up to 2800 percussions/minute or 46 per second. Pressure can be varied from very minimal, providing only vibratory distraction, to more percussive for larger clients and muscles.

How long does it take to receive a Muscle Liberator?

When we have Muscle Liberators in stock we are able to ship within 2-3 business days. When we have back-orders, the shipment can take up to 10 days. Once you’ve ordered, if your shipment will be delayed past 3 days, we will email you.

Do you need to be a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) to use the Muscle Liberator or associated Membership material?

This is a comprehensive training in which we cover the use of both bodywork techniques and the Muscle Liberator in each area of the body, including working muscles short, long and finding trigger point areas. The material is presented without expectation of prerequisites, and we build from the ground up, so anyone can absorb it.

Meet Your Teachers

Chuck Duff

Founder, Coaching The Body™

Chuck left a lucrative (but soul-sucking) career in software development to pursue training in traditional Thai massage. He opened his first clinic, Thai Bodywork, in 2001, and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources available for deep, long-term pain relief.

During his decades-long quest to understand the true nature of pain, he rediscovered the forgotten nuances of trigger point therapy, and realized he could integrate that with his training in Thai techniques. He developed Coaching The Body™ through years of research and clinical study, and has been teaching it since 2005.

Chuck's in-person and online teaching has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches in the world for treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Doug Ringwald

Certified Advanced Practitioner

Doug was a yoga instructor (and a musician, and a graphic designer, and a soccer player) with chronic back pain. As long as he was practicing yoga, he wasn’t in pain.

But he found himself unable to help his students with their chronic and severe pain. He felt frustrated by his lack of knowledge in functional anatomy and kinesiology.

Doug explored a myriad of learning opportunities—but after a life-changing experience with Thai massage, he decided to enroll in Chuck Duff’s Level I training program. And we still can’t get rid of him. 🙂

Three years later, Doug quit his job in digital publishing to pursue full-time bodywork. He’s been teaching alongside Chuck since 2014, and he now sees clients at his Highland Park clinic in addition to his training and curriculum development at CTBI.

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