New free web class from renegade pain expert Chuck Duff reveals…

Build A Practice Your Clients Can’t Stop Talking About — By Dissolving Pain Right At The Source

How To Fix Your Clients' Pain By Understanding Where It REALLY Comes From...

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Chuck Duff

Founder, Coaching The Body™ Institute

On this free live web class, you’ll discover:

  • How to analyze the patterns that reveal the true sources of pain, rather than rubbing where it hurts.
  • 3 “hidden” muscles that can set up shoulder pain. (Fix them and even old, creaky shoulders can feel good as new again.)
  • The controversial reason why most shoulder massages are a waste of time.
  • One fast and easy way to get rid of painful post-exercise soreness.
  • Learn how to resolve pain at the source. Instead of being mislead by the "illusion of injury", learn how to find the muscles that are ACTUALLY causing the pain.
  • See how we quickly hack the nervous system into letting go of muscle splinting and protection using our proprietary tool, the Muscle Liberator™.

Chuck Duff and Coaching The Body™ Institute

A World-Class Resource for Therapeutic Bodywork and a Modern Understanding of Pain

Chuck Duff founded Coaching The Body™ Institute in 2001 in Evanston, IL. His desire to help people in pain led him to in-depth study of trigger point therapy, osteopathic techniques and asian medicine, and the school has now grown to offer 30+ workshops a year and extensive online trainings.  Chuck's focus on understanding the true origins of pain led him to develop Coaching The Body™ and the Muscle Liberator™.