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We offer an extensive online training library as well as three levels of in-person certification and a weekly online membership study program.

Eliminate pain at its source with a revolutionary approach to hacking the nervous system

Coaching the Body is a state-of-the-art approach that combines mat-based bodywork, trigger point therapy and cutting-edge insights from neuroscience to eliminate pain at the source.


If you've been struggling with pain that doesn't seem to respond to, well, anything, we may be able to help you. With the appropriate assessments and our proprietary methodology (based on two decades of research and clinical practice), we aim to provide significant relief within your first few sessions.


We offer a 3-tiered certification program for anyone who is interested in learning our methodology and becoming a "Pain Hacker". Our students include yoga instructors, massage therapists, personal trainers, and more! We'll work with you to build a custom curriculum.


We've been teaching our unique methodology (and putting into clinical practice!) for nearly 20 years. And we've made all our coursework available for online study. You can pick and choose the courses that interest you, or join our annual membership, where you'll have access to it all.

Zoe Verdin
Admissions Counselor

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Trusted By Thousands Of Students

"A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else out there like these!"

Julianne Hutchcraft
Founder, KC Yoga Coach

"I have purchased all the CTB on line courses and more, I have a full time practice with 25-30 hrs weekly and most of what I do is CTB. It’s amazing! It has changed my practice entirely in the way of how many more people I can help. I love it!"

Francine Pettit
Samadhi Thai Massage & Bodywork

"I've been an online student for some time. I've been involved with bodywork since the early 80's and have learned more about what I thought I already knew than I thought possible with CTB. "

Marshelle Joseph