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The CTB Academy brings Chuck's groundbreaking work in understanding and treating the true origins of pain to a wider audience than ever before. We shoot both studio and live class footage of our workshops and combine them with Chuck's educational slides, articles, downloads and quizzes. Students love the ability to stream our detailed teaching 24/7 from virtually any device.
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Become a Pain Hacker: The CTB Membership Program

The Coaching the Body Membership is like an online apprenticeship program for those truly wishing to eliminate pain. We send our Pain Hackers weekly lessons on analyzing and treating the major pain complaints at the source. Includes a discount on our amazing Muscle Liberator™ tool. Please attend one of our webinars for details or contact us directly at

Featured Online Courses From Our Library

This is a small sample of online courses that can be purchased individually from our large library covering the major pain areas. Click here for a complete listing.

Pain Hacker's Guide: The Core Shoulder Protocol (eCourse)

Shoulder pain has become epidemic recently, due to the prevalence of mobile devices and other stresses.

Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain with Coaching The Body™ (eCourse)

This online course, consisting of nearly 3 hours of video instruction, downloads and a PDF workbook, guides you through the steps necessary to treat your own shoulder pain. Treating pain successfully requires that you understand the true source of most pain. Coaching The Body™ uses a modern interpretation of trigger point therapy along with principles of neuroscience to find the true source of your shoulder pain. We've been applying these principles successfully in our clinic and school for the last 15 years, and now this unique knowledge is available to you for use at home.


Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage and Yoga (eCourse)

Functional anatomy is an essential area of knowledge for anyone who wants to help people with therapeutic issues.

Trusted By Thousands Of Students

"A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else out there like these!"

Julianne Hutchcraft
Founder, KC Yoga Coach

"I have purchased all the CTB on line courses and more, I have a full time practice with 25-30 hrs weekly and most of what I do is CTB. It’s amazing! It has changed my practice entirely in the way of how many more people I can help. I love it!"

Francine Pettit
Samadhi Thai Massage & Bodywork

"I've been an online student for some time. I've been involved with bodywork since the early 80's and have learned more about what I thought I already knew than I thought possible with CTB. "

Marshelle Joseph