Pain Hacker's Guide to Upper Body Pain - SF Bay

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Pain Hacker's Guide To Treating Upper Body Pain - Oakland, CA Nov. 16-17, 2019

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This course, Clinical Core 1 for the Upper Body, gives LMTs, yoga teachers, physical therapists, personal trainers and anyone interested in the true origins of pain a crash course in understanding and resolving the majority of upper body pain you will see in your clients.

Shoulder and neck pain are reaching epidemic proportions and most cases follow very common patterns. We focus on those essential patterns and muscles, enabling us to teach you to be incredibly effective in a single weekend course.

In addition to two days of intense hands-on training with the inventor of CTB, you'll get permanent online access to our online version of the course, yours to study and keep before and after class.

Coaching The Body™ is a revolutionary approach to bodywork and movement that can resolve even long-standing pain conditions in the body. CTB combines a new look at trigger point therapy (Trigger Point 2.0) with traditional techniques from Thai massage and other manual therapy approaches - informed by ideas from modern neuroscience. 

Studies show that most pain is caused by trigger points in muscles. However, trigger point therapy has failed to gain wide acceptance, because in the past it hasn't been properly adapted to manual therapy.

We have taught hundreds of students to be Pain Hackers and use trigger point ideas in a manner that really works. You will learn to analyze pain in a way that reveals its true origins, and the best techniques for each muscle. We would love for you to join our crew of Pain Hackers! 


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Chuck Duff was originally trained in traditional Thai massage in the late 1990’s, and his desire to help people with pain led him to an in-depth study of trigger point therapy, neuroscience and eventually the development of Coaching The Body™. He taught his first CTB class in 2005 and has since trained hundreds of therapists to be  Pain Hackers. 

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