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Coaching The Body™ Membership Bundle

From: $465.00 / month for 3 months

The CTB™ Membership is a series of lessons, delivered each week, covering all of the major pain areas of the body. We begin with shoulder pain, and cover the primary muscles involved in treating shoulder pain, one muscle or group at a time.

Lessons cover all of the anatomy, trigger point theory, treatment examples, assessments and Muscle Liberator™ techniques for each muscle, and include overviews on treating each pain complaint.

The CTB™ Membership Series presents topics in an order that makes sense and builds upon previous weeks. The first 13 weeks of the membership series are devoted to shoulder pain. Lessons in the first several weeks include:

  1. CTB Principles and the Subscapularis Muscle: Anatomy, Trigger Point Theory and Treatment
  2. The Infraspinatus Muscle: Anatomy, Trigger Point Theory and Treatment
  3. Muscles that Abduct the Arm: Supraspinatus and Deltoid
  4. Muscles that Adduct the Arm: Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major
  5. Treating Frozen Shoulder - Intro to the Approach

Our Coaching The Body™ approach is totally unique, blending the techniques of Thai bodywork with modern ideas from trigger point therapy, neuroscience and other areas.

We regularly run webinars covering specific topics included in the membership as well as  previews and occasional discounts. Please attend one of the following to learn more about this rich online offering:

  • How To Fix Your Client's Pain By Understanding Where It *REALLY* Comes From: REGISTER

  • The Foot/Hip Connection: How Hyperpronation Sets Up Sciatic Pain: REGISTER

  • Pain Hacking Secrets: How To Fix Your Client's Back Pain By Knowing Its TRUE Source: REGISTER

This format is also unlike anything else that's available, guiding you carefully through the most relevant pain areas, informed by our decades of clinical experience. It's almost like an online apprenticeship program.

⇒ This is a two-year membership, but you will not be charged automatically unless you opt in to year 2. You will retain lifetime access to the lessons that you've already paid for. We will inform you via email when your membership renewal is approaching.

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