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CTB for Head, Neck and Facial Pain (eCourse)


Change Lives by Resolving Head, Neck and Facial Pain

The effects of daily migraines on a person's life are truly devastating. We have seen patients literally sob as they filled out their intake forms, and finish their session with hope that they have finally found answers for a crippling pattern of headache pain. We've seen many clients with daily pain for decades, having been through pain clinics, painkillers and other treatments with no success experience a significant reduction in pain after a few sessions.

While not all headaches are due to muscular causes, dysfunctional muscles contribute pain in most -- and can be easily influenced, if not remediated using CTB techniques. Successfully dealing with chronic headaches requires a multi-pronged approach involving manual therapy, analysis of posture, correction of dysfunctional breathing, looking at spinal curvature and other synergistic factors that we cover in this course.

Trigger Points, the Lost Key to Treating Headache Pain

One of my great frustrations is that trigger points are a "lost secret" in our medical system - discovered by doctors, but often not covered in medical and dental schools. Dentists should know something about trigger points because facial muscles can cause pain in the teeth that could easily be mistaken for problems requiring dental intervention. Yet one of my most serious headache cases was an orthodontist who as I was treating him, realized that he actually owned the Travell and Simons books, but had suffered with daily headaches for over 20 years.

Even if trigger points are mentioned in professional education, they are rarely covered thoroughly or practically enough to produce competent practitioners. My program shows you not just the theory – but the practical techniques that I've evolved through decades of practice and teaching. I show you the things that I know to be effective from my own experience, and I've discovered the best ways to present them so you will retain it and put it to use.

You will learn to treat not only the pain but the perpetuating factors that make it come back, including postural, lifestyle, structural imbalance, faulty breathing habits, and more. You will be surprised at some of the seemingly unrelated issues that can set up these pain patterns. This is a workshop that can truly transform your practice.

About Clinical Thai Bodywork

Clinical Thai Bodywork is a modality developed by Chuck Duff that blends the techniques of Thai yoga massage with acupoint and trigger point systems and a structural analysis of body function. CTB is highly effective in reducing or eliminating patterns of pain and restriction, often in cases that have failed conventional medical treatment. CTB gives the student specific tools to assess and design effective treatments for the most common pain complaints and can be integrated into a mat, chair or table-based practice.

Clinical Thai Bodywork was designed to bridge the gulf between traditional Thai approaches and modern western clinical environments. The framework of CTB constitutes one of the most effective approaches available for orthopedic rehab, relief of chronic and acute pain, recovery from injury, and restoration of normal muscle range and function.

Attending In Person Trainings at Thai Bodywork

We want to encourage our online students to consider attending our in-person trainings in Evanston, IL, as there are great advantages to both forms of study. Online courses allow you to review and replay the information and take it in at a pace that you can manage. In-person trainings allow us to interact with you, tune your technique, answer questions and provide invaluable feedback from experienced teachers, assistants and other students.

Becoming proficient in CTB is a gradual process and the in-person component is very important. To receive the greatest benefit, students will ideally experience both online and in-person training. However, we realize some may find this financially prohibitive. As an incentive, we're offering a 50% discount on enrollment to the in-person class equivalent of your online course. The converse is also true. If you have attended a course at Thai Bodywork, you are entitled to a 50% discount for the online version.

**Keep in mind, not all of our online classes have in-person equivalents (For example, CTB for Shoulder, Upper Back and Arm Pain is taught in person, but the CTB Shoulder Protocol course is ONLY online - the same goes for ALL Protocol courses).**

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please email admin@thaibodywork.com and they will assist you in getting your discount. Please see our Course Catalog page for a full listing of when our in-person trainings are offered throughout the year. CTB trainings typically are taught every 10-12 months.


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