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CTB for Hip, Thigh, Knee and Groin Pain (eCourse)


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Hip pain, "sciatica", knee pain, IT band dysfunction, groin pain... these are very common complaints that are largely misunderstood by professionals and their clients. People are told to "roll their IT band" and other useless or invasive treatments that fail to provide any real relief, because these approaches fail to recognize the true sources of the pain. Bodyworkers who understand the network of 24 muscles that can cause pain referral in these areas can have high rates of success, and provide treatments and resolve perpetuating factors in a way that truly and permanently addresses these problems.

Chuck Duff's Clinical Thai Bodywork approach is a unique integration of the best techniques of traditional Thai massage with a deep understanding of trigger point therapy, including common perpetuating factors that set muscles up for dysfunction. Because Chuck has spent years developing the best and most efficient techniques for each muscle, including an extensive repertoire of HandsFree Thai that he has compiled, there is no better modality for dealing with dysfunction in the large muscles of the hips and legs. This area of the body is where Clinical Thai Bodywork truly shines, because the therapist can use full body techniques on these large, often tight muscles to reeducate movement and restore fluidity.

Getting to the heart of Hip, Thigh and Knee pain requires understanding not only basic trigger point referral information, but how muscles collaborate in extensive networks of satellite referral and kinetic chain dysfunction. For example, a severe hyperpronator will often present with hip or leg pain, because the gluteal muscles are highly responsive to gait instability and differences in effective leg length. The therapist must not only treat muscles like the gluteus minimus and quadratus lumborum that set up this network of pain referral, they must also analyze the client's anatomical asymmetries and help the client minimize those effects so the problem doesn't just come back.

To learn more about the true origins of pain in this part of the body, read Chuck's popular article "Sciatica, Tight IT Bands and Other Non-Diagnoses", which explodes some of the myths about lateral leg pain. These faulty ideas are present everywhere in our culture, and clients are barraged with unhelpful advice and treatment approaches from their personal trainers, massage therapists, PTs, chiropractors and friends. CTB for Hip, Thigh and Knee Pain will show you how to truly resolve these conditions.

This course gives you a ton of resources to understand how to treat the muscles involved and understand the complex dynamics that tie networks of muscles together. Knowledge is power, and the information we provide in these CTB courses is not available elsewhere. You'll be shocked at how this information will transform your practice.

Attending In Person Trainings at Thai Bodywork

We want to encourage our online students to consider attending our in-person trainings in Evanston, IL, as there are great advantages to both forms of study. Online courses allow you to review and replay the information and take it in at a pace that you can manage. In-person trainings allow us to interact with you, tune your technique, answer questions and provide invaluable feedback from experienced teachers, assistants and other students.

Becoming proficient in CTB is a gradual process and the in-person component is very important. To receive the greatest benefit, students will ideally experience both online and in-person training. However, we realize some may find this financially prohibitive. As an incentive, we're offering a 50% discount on enrollment to the in-person class equivalent of your online course. The converse is also true. If you have attended a course at Thai Bodywork, you are entitled to a 50% discount for the online version.

**Keep in mind, not all of our online classes have in-person equivalents (For example, CTB for Shoulder, Upper Back and Arm Pain is taught in person, but the CTB Shoulder Protocol course is ONLY online - the same goes for ALL Protocol courses).**

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please email admin@thaibodywork.com and they will assist you in getting your discount. Please see our Course Catalog page for a full listing of when our in-person trainings are offered throughout the year. CTB trainings typically are taught every 10-12 months.


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