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CTB Hyperpronation Correction System: Insole Kit


The CTBI Hyperpronation Correction System has been developed to address a wide range of needs and individual foot types. Hyperpronation can be a major perpetuating factor for many types of pain, including sciatica, low back pain, hip and gluteal pain, adductor and knee pain, along with many upper body issues. For more background on the role of hyperpronation in sciatic pain, please see Chuck's blog post on this topic.

This package includes a pair of very comfortable custom designed orthotic footbeds with heel and forefoot padding, which provide moderate correction for mild to medium hyperpronators. In addition, we provide closed cell foam tape for providing additional correction in the arch, forefoot or heel for those individuals who are more severe pronators. Severe cases can be corrected by adding our gel arch supports (one included for each foot). You will receive an instructional video on using the system with your purchase.

Each insole fits a range of sizes as specified. Insoles can be trimmed to fit specific shoes.

Customers will receive a 45% discount by purchasing 6 or more insole kits. This arrangement allows practitioners to purchase insoles in quantity for resale to clients.
Already have enough insoles? Purchase components separately here.

Not sure your clients need insoles? Check out our PainHacker's Guide: Assessment & Correction of Hyperpronation and Leg Length Discrepancy


  • 2 CTBI Hyperpronation comfort insoles
  • 2 gel arch supports with adhesive for additional correction if needed
  • 12" of 1/8" closed cell foam adhesive tape for additional first metarsal/arch support
  • 12" of 1/4" closed cell foam adhesive tape for additional first metarsal/arch support
  • Our hyperpronation and leg length assessment course




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Weight .43 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in

#2: W 4.5-8, M 3-6, EU 36-39, #3: W 8.5-11, M 6.5-9.5, EU 39-44, #4: W 11.5+, M 10-13, EU 44-47