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Hyperpronation: A Potent Key for Hip, Gluteal & Neck Pain (eCourse)


Hyperpronation is an almost universally overlooked cause for many pain complaints from the feet to the head. The postural and kinetic chain of a hyperpronator has an unstable root in the earth. The body must then compensate in a variety of ways that may cause pain due to muscular imbalance and overuse at any point from the foot to the head.

This course shows a concise evaluation of hyperpronation, lateral asymmetry and postural collapse, followed by an explanation and treatment for the particular compensatory pain the client is experiencing. In many clients, treatment can provide temporary relief and can restore the ability to move without pain. However without addressing such issues as hyperpronation and leg length discrepancy, the pain will return because the body is subject to the same forces as before. We discuss the use of heel lifts, corrective footwear and bodywork to bring the body to a more balanced state.

This 90-minute video course goes into depth on a client configuration that you will find to be very common - anterior and lateral hip and gluteal pain, head and neck pain due to several common forms of anatomical asymmetry. Contents include:

  • Assessments for hyperpronation, lateral asymmetry and anterior collapse
  • Treatment in supine position: glutes, adductors
  • Treatment in side position: gluteus minimus, medius and maximus
  • Treatment in side position: TFL and QL

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