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HYBRID: Level 1: Thai Bodywork Fundamentals - December 2021 | Denver, CO


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This class will be held Friday and Saturday during the day.

This class can be attended both virtually and in-person in Denver, CO. You will be given the option to choose how you attend at check-out. If you are choosing to attend this class virtually, you MUST have a partner to work on for the entire class. 

This fantastic training is the gateway to the rest of our program. There are no prerequisites for this course, and students are accepted without any prior bodywork training. You will be amazed at what you learn in a weekend as we teach you the critical fundamentals of body mechanics, positioning, compression, working with passive stretches, energetic, spiritual and historical background of Thai massage, an intro to concepts of clinical work, and much more.

Potential students may arrange to observe a portion of a Level 1 training for free. Please submit a ticket here to arrange to observe.

A basic introduction to clinically oriented Thai Bodywork, this intensive 2.5 day training is suitable for new students, or practitioners seeking an alternative modality. You will learn a valuable 1-hour professional sequence that you can immediately put to use with clients, friends and family. The focus of this training is to instill principles of full-body movement through carefully refined teaching methods that have helped thousands of students learn this fantastic art. Even students who have studied at other schools give us rave reviews about this training and our teaching methods.

The techniques that we teach in Level 1 are simply a reduced set -- they are not "beginner" in the sense that they are sophisticated and powerful techniques that the student will continue to master through practice. These are techniques that the therapist will use throughout their bodywork career. In Level 1, we introduce the theory of energetic anatomy and physiology, sen sip, wind gates, Thai asanas or therapeutic postures, acupoints and trigger points. We teach basic principles of western muscular anatomy, trigger point therapy and patterns of referred pain to provide the student with a much deeper diagnostic framework for client issues.

In Level 1 the student learns the basic ideas behind Coaching The Body™, a powerful therapeutic system that is explored more fully in advanced courses.

We place a strong emphasis upon body mechanics and practicing bodywork in a sustainable way. Many western practitioners experience symptoms of occupational disability in hands, shoulders and arms due to reliance upon muscular strength and a failure to understand the power of working from the core. We use martial arts and yoga principles to teach the student how to move in an efficient, elegant and powerful way. With strong fundamentals, Thai bodywork can be not only safe but beneficial for the practitioner, and will provide a deeply satisfying career that lasts many decades.

This Level 1 training will be taught by Doug Ringwald, a CTB™ Master Practitioner and instructor. Along with the in-person/virtual course, you will receive an online course that will take you through the techniques you learned in class, breaking down the sequences from a more clinical lens. This course provides the student with a 17-hour certificate upon successful completion, and is approved by NCBTMB for continuing education in massage. This course is also approved for continuing education in physical therapy in Illinois. For more information, please contact coachingthebody.com or call 847-440-7525.


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