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Level 1 In Depth: Northern Style Fundamentals with Chuck Duff (eCourse)


This course presents a detailed guide through our Level 1: Northern Style Thai Massage Fundamentals with Chuck Duff. While we teach this material as a great in-person weekend experience, it isn't realistic to retain everything without some ability to review and study. We created this online course to provide a detailed journey through the entire sequence – covering body mechanics, which muscles are relevant in each position, decision making based on client issues, modifications and variations that can be used, and how the Level 1 training relates to the rest of our curriculum.

Compressing the gluteals over the knee - Level 1 Thai Bodywork In Depth

Great for Review or for New Students

This online course is also useful for students who wish to prepare for our in-person classes, or those with more general interest. The online format allows us to provide more depth in several therapeutic areas, such as the glutes, shoulder, backbend alternatives and more. You'll have a detailed video guide for easily extending your 1-hour general session to a 1.5 hour session that also visits areas of concern more specifically, such as shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica and more.

If you already own our Thai Massage for the Mat and Table DVD, this is an updated course that includes several therapeutic techniques and variations that aren't in the DVD. It also benefits from an additional 8 years of experience teaching this course, so you will find it to be a useful addition to your reference library.

As you practice, stream the course any time 24/7 as you practice or study - it's yours to keep once you register. This will be a terrific resource for your professional development for years to come.

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