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Mastering Sciatica, Gluteal Pain and More: Glutes, Adductors and QL (eCourse)


You've probably seen a lot of sciatica cases among friends, family, clients, and perhaps in your own body. It can be frustrating, and hard to eliminate. People "roll their IT band" as they are told to do, sometimes for hours per day. Relief is fleeting and short-lived. How would you like to learn to eliminate these complaints consistently in a single session? We do this all the time. This 1-hour video course will show you how.

The conditions referred to as posterior and lateral sciatica can be very persistent and annoying. They tend to become chronic, bothersome conditions because patients and therapists fail to understand the true origins of these complaints. In the vast majority of cases, these symptoms are due to direct referral from the gluteus minimus muscle.

However, the gluteus minimus has important functional and satellite referral relationships to other muscles, including the other gluteals, the QL and the adductors. If you don't adequately address these relationships, you won't have much success.

On the other hand, if you design a treatment that takes these relationships into account, your likelihood of treatment success increases dramatically. We typically expect to have dramatic results in the first session. This focused course shows an effective treatment sequence that treats and restores proper motion across all of the affected muscles and joints.

This course will change your treatment approach for this common and disturbing condition forever - do yourself a favor and spend an hour now to help your clients for the remainder of your career as a practitioner.


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