The CTB Head, Neck Protocol (eCourse)


Learn To Design Incredibly Effective Treatments for Head & Neck Pain

This course presents our protocol for head, neck and facial pain. The CTB Head protocol is a valuable resource that provides a framework for organizing a coherent and effective 60 to 90-minute treatment for headache, neck and facial pain.

The effects of daily migraines on a person's life are truly devastating. We have seen patients literally sob as they filled out their intake forms, and then leave with hope that they have finally found the answer for a crippling pattern of headache pain. I have seen clients with daily pain for decades, having been through pain clinics, painkillers and other treatments with no success become pain-free after a few sessions. While not all headaches are due to muscular causes, the great majority are -- and can be easily treated using CTB techniques.

CTB for Head, Neck and Facial Pain gives you a treatment strategy that ensure that you will visite each of the muscles that are potentially involved. Integrating these muscle treatments into an efficient and well-designed 60 or 90-minute session is a very difficult task. That's where our amazing Protocol courses come in.

Benefit From Chuck's Decades of Experience

It would take many hours to thoroughly treat all of these muscles, and without the insight that has emerged from Chuck's decades of clinical experience, you are likely to spend a lot of inefficient time in less useful areas and techniques. Our protocols give you a base sequence and a set of decision points at each step, allowing you to eliminate unimportant muscles and techniques that wouldn't help your client's specific complaints.

There is nothing like this available anywhere in the bodywork world. Not only has Chuck thoroughly analyzed the muscles relevant to a specific pain complaint, through years of experimentation he's come up with a short list of the best techniques for each muscle. This knowledge is worth its weight in gold for a bodyworker.

For a modest investment, you will have 24/7 lifetime access to Chuck's knowledge and illustrative examples as he guides you through the Shoulder protocol. Use your mobile device or notebook and follow along with your practice partners, or quickly review video before a session with a client. This is a tool that can totally transform your bodywork practice.

Course Details

  • The purpose of this Head Neck Protocol course is to present the ideal order of treatment and decision points for complaints in this area, refined in our clinical experience over many years. Muscles that behave normally are quickly assessed, so the therapist can spend time in more relevant muscles.
  • Assessments and specific treatment positions are covered addressing the muscles relevant to this pain area. Examples include how to handle the head and neck so the client trusts and doesn't engage, doing ROM assessments in the head/neck, and specific contract/relax stretches for levator, trap and other neck muscles.
  • We include decision points and best treatment positions for including the many shoulder muscles that could be contributing pain or postural dysfunction in the head and neck. Every head/neck treatment is an improvisation that should be responsive to the client's reported pain and muscle behavior, and includes appropriate time spent on satellite referral muscles. This course is your roadmap for constructing these treatments in an informed, artful and efficient manner.


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