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Therapeutic Thai Bodywork for the Table (eCourse)


This course is much more than a simple-minded adaptation of Thai massage for the massage table. Chuck Duff has spent 15 years examining the clinical effects and appropriate use of Thai massage techniques, and this information is a unique resource that you won't find anywhere else. Chuck's CTB approach uses traditional Thai techniques as a starting point for influencing muscles and treating trigger points. In order to do this, he has had to carefully analyze each technique in terms of functional anatomy and trigger point therapy.

The massage table provides some unique opportunities for leverage and use of body weight. While it is fairly straightforward to adapt most Thai techniques to the table by using some basic body mechanics principles, this course teaches the specific opportunities and approaches that the table provides. Chuck shows a technique flow fully utilizing the unique properties of the table that visits all major joints in the body in supine, side position and prone, along with a full analysis of the effects and application of each technique.

If you have a table-based practice, or you are unable to easily do floor-based work due to physical limitations, this course will enable you to apply the principles of CTB using the massage table, and exploiting the fact that you have mobility and leverage when you're upright. Transform your practice, get compelling results and expose your clients to the power of the CTB modality.

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