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Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain with Coaching The Body™ (eCourse)

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This online course, consisting of nearly 3 hours of video instruction, downloads and a PDF workbook, guides you through the steps necessary to treat your own shoulder pain. Treating pain successfully requires that you understand the true source of most pain. Coaching The Body™ uses a modern interpretation of trigger point therapy along with principles of neuroscience to find the true source of your shoulder pain. We've been applying these principles successfully in our clinic and school for the last 15 years, and now this unique knowledge is available to you for use at home.

We run regular web classes explaining self care for shoulder pain, with previews of this course and occasional discounts. To register for the next event, please click HERE.

This information isn't available anywhere else. Treating trigger points successfully requires an understanding of the principles of satellite referral and functional relationships between muscles. We incorporate this knowledge into an easy to follow sequence that you can use to have a significant impact upon even severe shoulder pain.


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