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Treatment Design Virtual Workshop - January 2020


January 07, 2021
January 07, 2021
Virtual Link to be Shared via Email
Thursday 2 PM - 3:30 PM Central Time
PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE IS A VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE. Link to attend will be provided via email.
Correct analysis is the single most important key to having success as a CTB™ PainHacker. There are often many ways to treat a particular muscle, but if you're working in the wrong muscles and in the wrong order, success will be elusive. Our CTB™ Protocols are designed to guide you through the set of muscles most appropriate to each pain pattern, but protocols must be used intelligently, paring away modules that are not germane to each particular pain situation. Understanding the CTB™ Protocols and associated assessments and decision points is how you will become consistently effective and efficient with your client time.
The most common mistake that students make is treating only the "direct referral" muscles responsible for a given pain complaint. Our protocols take into consideration the satellite referral and functional relationships that tend to support the most common pain patterns.
In this series of remote workshops, we will work with actual client intakes offered by students and show you our analysis process. You will be able to ask questions and interact, making this an extremely valuable component of your CTB™ education.
This course is designed for CTB™ Practitioner and CTB™ Specialist Certification students. Please be prepared to send intakes prior to class so that we can select some useful ones for each session.

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