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Learn a therapeutic approach that actually works to resolve pain.

I wanted to help people with pain when I started out as a therapist 20 years ago. I had learned hundreds of techniques, but no reliable framework for how and when to apply them. So I set out to discover the true origins of pain. 

Out of desperation, I began a long journey that led me through an in-depth study of trigger point therapy, neuroscience, functional anatomy, and many styles of bodywork. What I discovered shocked me. 

The assumption is that most pain is a result of injury or disease - however trigger point therapy has shown conclusively that this is false. Most pain is caused by trigger points in muscles. In fact, modern neuroscience shows us that the very experience of pain is generated in the brain, and is not determined by tissue damage. Pain is an output, not an input.

Today was the first time in months that I got out of bed without pain...miracle worker!
Joann D.


Awesome! Thorough, effective, kind, professional. Focused on specific areas.
Lynette P.

Low Back Pain

...diagnosis of where the pain and/or restricted movement is coming from is spot on. Thereafter the treatment in those areas is very effective.
Stuart B.

Neck Pain

My son is a high school Varsity swimmer, with problems with his shoulders. Just after a few sessions the results are outstanding. Highly recommend!
Vladimir V.

Shoulder Pain

Amazing knowledge and skill to resolve physical issues related to my training.
Scott N.

Hip Pain

You are magic! I have felt better in the past few weeks than I have in 8 months. Thank you.
Blair C.

Low Back

...amazing experience!...completely disarms the typical fight or flight nervous system response and allows for deep, productive and restorative healing.
Carol G.

Knee Pain

...tremendous technical ability and great observation and listening to diagnose and correct problems that seem to baffle other healthcare professionals.
Drew B.

Upper Back Pain

Coaching The Body:  A new way to understand and eliminate pain.

I discovered that trigger point therapy had great promise, but it had never been implemented or taught in a way that set up practitioners for success. It’s almost useless to treat individual muscles, in a static way without movement. My own therapeutic success came when I began to understand the relationships between muscles that set up common pain patterns. 

Nobody taught me this, because it just didn’t exist. I was lucky enough to come across various threads that when put together, produce incredible results. I started having success in the vast majority of my treatments, even with severe pain conditions that had been failed by multiple, highly regarded practitioners.

I called my approach Coaching The Body (CTB). I taught my first course in this approach in 2005. It’s far easier to be a great therapist than it is to teach others how to do it. I’ve spent the last 15 years figuring out how to reliably teach others to be great at this work. 

So - you’re lucky. Right place, right time. You don’t have to spend the years that I did uncovering these truths. I can show you my secrets in a reasonably priced, very achievable certification program - and you will become a Pain Hacker who your clients respect and adore. 

My program takes the techniques of Thai massage and other styles (which by themselves are just empty tricks) and uses them in service of a modern understanding that I call Trigger Point 2.0. We use movement, vibration, and neurological distraction to bypass the body’s constant self-protective instincts which use muscle engagement to protect joints and lock down motion. 

The best tools and techniques are useless without the right analysis. That’s what you will learn here, and our experience over thousands of students and clients has proven that these ideas work. 

In-Person Apprenticeship,

Online Support

Our program is a sophisticated combination of in-person and online learning. We give you access to hundreds of hours of video supporting all of your coursework. It’s yours to keep. 

That way, you have a huge reference library that covers the theory, anatomy and protocols at your constant disposal, and we can focus our valuable time together in person on training your movements, touch, interaction and thought process. 

We think of it as an apprenticeship. When I demonstrate things in class, they aren’t fake or made up. We pick students for demonstrations that actually have the issues we’re covering, and address them real time - so you can witness it, see it and feel it. 

Because our program is totally unique and not available anywhere else, we get many students from out of the Chicago area. Our unique combination of online and in-person learning makes it affordable to certify from a distance, and we offer affordable studio stays for visitors that greatly reduce travel expense. 

Frozen Shoulder

Valerie came to the clinic from California with two frozen shoulders.  She was told by orthopedic doctors and physical therapists that nothing could be done.  After CTB treatment, she has pain free movement and is enjoying athletic activities again; including rock climbing and skiing.  Play the video to see some of her treatment and hear about her experience.

Trigger Point Therapy 2.0

Repeated studies have shown that most pain is the result of muscular adaptations called trigger points

Trigger points are like little clenched fists that live within your muscle tissue. Trigger points are often the result of the central nervous system attempting to protect a certain area of the body (by “locking it down.”) 

We call this phenomenon  protective engagement.

These small, local contractions can pull on their surrounding tissues and tendons, creating a domino effect of referral patterns.

For that reason, the origin of your pain might be in a different location from where you FEEL the pain.

At Coaching The Body, we are specialists in treating and resolving trigger points throughout the body.

We start with a series of specified assessments to analyze how your body came into its current pattern, then apply a series of clinically tested protocols designed to coax the central nervous system out of its protective engagement. 

After your session, your practitioner will work with you to help eliminate lifestyle factors that caused your pain in the first place (so it doesn’t come back). 

Our goal is to teach you where your pain came from, educate you in self-care strategies, and free you from reliance upon experts. 

We generally aim to provide significant improvement in your first session or two, even in serious pain conditions. 

Posture and Pain

Marie describes the incredible change she saw in both her level of pain and her posture after some Coaching The Body work.

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Coaching The Body

This unique approach combines key elements from traditional Thai massage, modern neuroscience, and a brand-new understanding of trigger point therapy.

It works. It lasts.

And it’s not available anywhere else.