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Make Shoulder Pain A Memory.

You’ve struggled with shoulder pain for a while – we understand. We teach therapists how to relieve shoulder pain using our Coaching The Body™ method, and we're approached by hundreds of people a year for help with their own pain. Shoulder pain is currently reaching epidemic proportions.
Treating pain isn't very difficult once you understand where it comes from. Unfortunately, the medical system and nearly all alternative practitioners are uninformed about the true origins of pain. Using our system, you can take control of your own pain.

Hi - I'm Chuck Duff, Founder of Coaching The Body™ Institute.

Oddly enough, pain is a mystery to the medical profession. Our medical system is still in the middle ages in terms of understanding pain, which is why we have over 65,000 people a year dying of opiate overdose in the US.

Sadly, a high percentage of addicts begin with a prescribed opiate, and much of it is unnecessary. Pain is assumed by the medical establishment to always be a product of injury or disease, but this is just plain wrong.

I’m a trigger point therapist, and it has been demonstrated in repeated studies as well as my own 15 years of clinical experience that the vast majority of pain is from muscles that have developed trigger points.

I have great success in my work, but not everyone has access to one of my trained Coaching The Body™ therapists.

That’s why I decided to develop an online self-care course that will teach you how to take care of your own shoulder pain.

Trigger Points: Extremely Common And Easily Addressed

Trigger points, which are actually responsible for most pain, are small areas of stagnation in muscle tissue that develop in response to chronic or acute stresses on muscles.

They aren’t injuries, but they commonly send pain to other areas (pain referral) in a way that can feel very much like an injury. This fools everyone – doctors, PTs, most practitioners.

While the pain can be severe, trigger points are fairly easy to correct. And much of it can be done as part of a self-care approach. The techniques aren't difficult – what's important is knowing what muscles to treat and in what order.

An Example: Front Of Shoulder Pain

If you go to your doctor with pain in the front of your shoulder, they are very likely to tell you that you have an “itis”... bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis, something torn, some type of inflammatory disease state or injury. Somehow, your body just broke.

It seems obvious and tempting to blame the problem on the structures underlying the pain – however, this is almost never the true cause.

Pain for the most part comes from muscles. A single muscle accounts for the vast majority of the pain in the front of the shoulder, and it happens to be in the back of your shoulder. It’s confusing until you have seen it over and over, in hundreds of people – as we have.

That muscle is the infraspinatus. It can easily become overloaded because it has to stabilize your arm in the shoulder joint any time you move it.

Like many muscles, the Infra is fairly easy to treat. You can apply compression or vibration using a ball or other tool to tender areas on the back of your shoulder, and do specific kinds of movements that will help that muscle shorten and stretch.

Individual muscles are fairly easy to treat. The thing is, it’s very rarely about a single muscle. It takes a village. In the shoulder, muscles are required to work together in a complex way because it’s a delicately orchestrated joint with a lot of mobility.

We understand these relationships and have laid it out for you in our online course, Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain. We begin with the most important aspect of correcting shoulder pain, treating the muscles that cause faulty shoulder posture. 

Even if you're in severe pain, you will start your body on a path to recovery and significant relief by understanding and treating your own muscles. 

Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain: The Coaching The Body™ Approach (eCourse)

This online course incorporates our decades of clinical experience in treating shoulder pain using my Coaching The Body™ method. We have great success with shoulder pain, because we understand how to trace pain to its source.

What we’ve done is distill out the most important muscles and the best sequence to treat them in, and we guide you with videos and written material to maximize your success in treating your own muscles.

What You Get In This Online Course:

  • The Shoulder Self Care Manual - an online or downloadable workbook guiding you through the course and explaining the order of treatment
  • Downloadable slides and reference materials on the origins of pain as well as a guide to the most important muscles for shoulder pain
  • Nearly 3 hours of video lessons on treating your own shoulder pain – using the Muscle Liberator™, the Tiger Tail balls and other tools in common use.
  • An online group where you can ask us questions and share your experiences

Meet Your Instructors

Your self care program has been designed by two respected teachers with many years of clinical experience helping clients with pain. They offer these same techniques to their clients – and now you can benefit from their success.

Chuck Duff

Chuck left a lucrative (but soul-sucking) career in software development to pursue training in traditional Thai massage. He opened his first clinic, Thai Bodywork, in 2001, and quickly became frustrated with the lack of of understanding in traditional methods for deep, long-term pain relief.

During his decades-long quest to understand the true nature of pain, he rediscovered the forgotten nuances of trigger point therapy, and realized he could integrate it with his training in Thai techniques. He developed Coaching The Body™ through years of research and clinical study, and has been teaching it since 2005.

Chuck's in-person and online teaching has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches in the world for treatment of pain and dysfunction.

Doug Ringwald

Doug was a yoga instructor (and a musician, and a graphic designer, and a soccer player) with chronic back pain. As long as he was practicing yoga, he wasn’t in pain.

But he found himself unable to help his students with their chronic and severe pain. He felt frustrated by his lack of knowledge in functional anatomy and kinesiology.

Doug explored a myriad of learning opportunities—but after a life-changing experience with Thai Bodywork, he decided to enroll in Chuck Duff’s Level I training program. And we still can’t get rid of him. 🙂

Three years later, Doug quit his job in digital publishing to become a full-time therapist and teacher. He’s been teaching alongside Chuck since 2014, and he now sees clients at his Highland Park clinic in addition to his training and curriculum development at CTBI.

I have had a shoulder issue for 2 1/2 yrs never went to dr. I have just been treating with massage therapy weekly with some relief, & added Rom but never seem to regain all my Rom w/o pain. OMGoodness I just self treated with Liberator & full Rom w/o pain Im absolutely amazed! keep checking it and it is gone w/ full Rom!

Thank You

Melissa Smith

The content of the course is very well presented from the anatomy to pain referral patterns. The demos are easy to follow. It is great to be able to go back and review the material as needed.

Diane Sawtell

This training has been one of the best investments I have made. And I’m not even halfway through my training! I highly recommend it if you’re considering it.

Gretchen Popp

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Most shoulder pain can be drastically reduced or eliminated by using the right techniques in the right places – I want you to be able to understand the true source of your pain and to resolve it at its origins. That's why I'm offering you a big discount on my online course and tool bundles for the next 3 days.

One of my clients estimated that she had spent over $10,000 in the preceding year on practitioners that were completely unable to shift her pain. Our first few treatments gave her significant relief. 

Before you spend thousands of dollars on useless treatments, give these ideas a try – we know they work. I'm so confident, you have 30 days to return for a full refund if this really doesn't work for you.

Self Care Video Course

Our 3 hours of instructional video guide you through every step.

Self Care Workbook for Shoulder Pain

We provide a 14-page workbook that explains the entire sequence.

Downloadable Presentations

You can download our slide shows and review offline.

Muscle Liberator™ Lite

The Liberator Lite provides an optimal combination of quiet, light weight and power for self-care use.

Tiger Tail™ 2.6" Ball On A Rope

The 2.6 Inch ball on a rope allows you to carefully position in areas you can't see.

Self Care Video Course

The 5 inch ball is our choice for most muscles.

Self Care Course +Tool Bundles

Our self care bundle allows you to get the powerful tools you need at a big discount to work with your own shoulder pain.

In addition to the online course with 3 hours of video lessons, downloads and your workbook, we're giving you an amazing opportunity to get the course plus our new Muscle Liberator™ Lite tool for $200 off.  

The Muscle Liberator™ Lite is our therapeutic vibration tool that revolutionizes trigger point self-care.

This light, hand-held tool allows for multiple hand positions and angles, while providing sufficient power and variable speeds for use in different body areas. 4 heads are included, along with our custom-designed silicone head for CTB™ precision work.

Our Tiger Tail™ balls are great for parts of the body that might be harder for you to reach with the Liberator Lite, such as low trapezius, rhomboids and serratus anterior. 

Course Offer Without Tools

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Course + Free Liberator Lite

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  • Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain With Coaching The Body™ online course ($347 value)
  • Online Shoulder Pain Self Treatment Workbook
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Course + Free Liberator™ Lite + Tiger Tail™ Balls

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  • Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain With Coaching The Body™ online course ($347 value)
  • Online Shoulder Pain Self Treatment Workbook
  • Membership in our private support group so you can ask questions, get downloads
  • Muscle Liberator™ Lite Therapeutic Vibration Tool ($150 value)
  • Tiger Tail™ 2.6" Ball On a Rope
  • Tiger Tail™ 5" High Density Compression Ball
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our training and products 100%! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, absolutely!  Our CTB™ therapists have worked with many people remotely (online) and successfully coached them to effectively treat their own pain.  The techniques are not difficult.  It is a matter of proper analysis of pain source, so you know where to treat.  And this is covered extensively in this course.

You will also have access to our membership group to ask questions and get support.

Our CTB™ therapists are also available for individual online coaching sessions to help you.  Click here to book a session.  

There are 3 bundle options.  See the price table above for specifics on the options.

Yes!  We stand by our training and products 100%! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

Choose one of the three bundle options, above, to enroll.