"Is the Muscle Liberator too loud, heavy, hard to use, scary looking?" Watch my video for the answers.

I agree with Chuck Duff completely. My clients get used to the noise because of the Great and FAST results!!
Deborah Shahadey

CTB Student and Therapist

I am a current student but also a client. I can testify that the noise elicits a Pavlovian-like response from me now, because I know the immense amount of swift relief that is coming! 
Teresa Williams

CTB Student


This offer gets you not only a FREE Muscle Liberator, but a year of weekly apprentice style online training for less than the normal cost of a tool of this quality. And it's covered by a 100% money-back guarantee (although you will have to send your dear Muscle Liberator back cry LOL). We can only keep this open for a few days, so here's your chance...