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Fix "rounded shoulder posture" and other distortions using the Muscle Liberator. Our proprietary tool is designed to clear the dysfunction that keeps muscles at abnormal resting length – in record time.
NCBTMB-Approved CE hours for massage. Take care of your CE requirements while learning a world-class system for treating pain. Our weekly lessons award 1-2 hours per week, making this aspect alone a great value even without the Muscle Liberator.
Learn how to resolve pain at the source. Instead of being mislead by the "illusion of injury", you'll be treating the muscles that are ACTUALLY causing the pain. Understand how to address the perpetuating factors, satellite referral chains and other relationships that set it up in the first place.
Pursue specialist certification in each major pain area – shoulder pain, sciatic pain, knee pain and more. Become part of our CTB Specialist referral network.
Use the latest technology to put your treatments into hyper-drive. Learn muscle-specific treatments each week using our amazing Muscle Liberator & combining percussion, distraction and corrective patterns of movement.

We want to help as many people as possible to be free of pain. That's why we're offering "liberated" payment options (get it?) so EVERY practitioner can become a pain hacker.

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Specific Muscle Liberator trainings for each muscle
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CTB Muscle Reference Manual

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What people are saying..

Charlie P

Indiana State Board Of Massage Therapy Member

Excellent Trainings!

Chuck has some excellent trainings for frozen shoulder syndrome – and using his ML/percussion therapy tool makes a HUGE difference in the speed at which you can help coach-the-body back to homeostasis!!!

Linda J

CTB Membership Student


I am learning so much about the importance of the agonist and antagonist muscle relationship in treatment. Great information about serratus. I look forward to getting the new lessons every Friday.

Melissa S

Indiana State Board Of Massage Therapy Member

Excellent Trainings!

I have had a shoulder issue for 2 1/2 yrs, never went to the doctor. I have just been treating with massage therapy weekly with some relief, OMGoodness I just self treated with liberator, I'm absolutely amazed!


A therapeutic vibration tool designed specifically to facilitate trigger point work and Coaching the Body™ techniques. This type of work requires a specific combination of power, specificity and head elasticity, and this tool has it.

There is no better way to quickly and efficiently release taut fibers so you can get to the root of the issue(s) causing pain. We have shown you several examples of how this tool works in conjunction with the proper methodology – and during this time-limited offer, you will get your own Liberator™ at a huge discount with your membership.

Most tools on the market are designed to "do massage better"; at CTBI we jokingly refer to these as "meat tenderizers." We've designed the Liberator with precisely the right specifications to dramatically speed up the therapy process (and save your own body while you're at it). This special reduced pricing costs far less than many of the professional-grade tools being sold today — and none of them can touch the Muscle Liberator™ for this kind of work.

Treya Jaholkowska
CTB Student and Therapist

I am a small person and the Muscle Liberator is what made me feel as if I really have a future healing pain. Before this tool, I just wasn't certain my body would be able to handle larger people over the long run.

Will Baird
Professional CTB Therapist

Things are taught here that I would never get inroduced to anywhere in the world!

Donna Ryckaert
CTB Student and Therapist

It's saved my hands. Even though I use my elbows, feet and knees a lot, there's still a lot I was doing with my hands and thumb. Now I don't have to . . . and people LOVE it!

Course Breakdown

Coaching The Body Principles and Shoulder Treatment First Priorities

Focus: we begin the topic of shoulder pain with a focus on the glenohumeral muscles, which include the rotator cuff group - the two most important of which are the subscapularis and infraspinatus. This pair is often a cause of significant shoulder pain.

We have to address any significant pain coming from glenohumeral movement before we can correct scapular positioning. Otherwise, we won't be able to move the client's arm enough to properly treat the positioning muscles - trap, serratus anterior, pecs, and levator.

Subscapularis is an issue in virtually every shoulder pain client. Subscap is a key and highly vulnerable muscle which tends to become shortened because of poor scapular positioning and its role as a medial rotator.

This week's lesson will focus on subscap in depth. We discuss how we use the Muscle Liberator™ and other therapeutic percussion tools as an amazing accelerator for producing change in muscle tissues. Each week includes sections on using both bodywork techniques and the tool where appropriate.

  • Coaching the Body Principles
  • Subscapularis Anatomy
  • Subscapularis Lecture - CTB Shoulder
  • Subscapularis Demo - CTB Shoulder
  • Treating the Subscapularis
  • Lightning Fast Subscapularis Treatment Using the Muscle Liberator™

Detailed Infraspinatus Treatment and Integrating Internal and External Rotation

Focus: Having covered the subscapularis in week 1, we now move to its key antagonist, the infraspinatus. Subscap and infra are a key pair that must be treated in relationship to each other. These muscles are prominent in nearly anyone with shoulder pain. We visit subscap first in the protocol in supine position, but you often cannot fully treat subscap unless you resolve issues in the infra. Most shoulder treatments are likely to involved returning to subscap in supine position after the infraspinatus is treated in side position.

  • Infraspinatus Anatomy
  • Infraspinatus Palpation
  • Infraspinatus CTB Lecture
  • Infraspinatus Anatomy
  • Infraspinatus Palpation
  • Infraspinatus CTB Lecture

Detailed Treatment of the Primary Arm Abductors

Focus: Arm Abduction (Supraspinatus, Deltoid) In this week's lesson we cover the 2 arm abduction muscles: supraspinatus and deltoid. Like subscapularis and infraspinatus (covered in the 2 previous lessons), supraspinatus is a rotator cuff muscle. As such, its primary function is stabilizing the head of the humerus in the glenoid fossa. Its action is to abduct the arm. We have to understand both function and action for each muscle. Function is generally more relevant in establishing a muscle's contribution to pain. If troubled, the supraspinatus can refer pain whenever it's being called upon to stabilize the humerus, which is basically during any arm movement. It is particularly likely to cause issues during its primary action of abduction, and we have to pay close attention to the opposing adductor group of muscles which have likely become engaged to lock down movement.

  • Deltoid and Supraspinatus Anatomy
  • Supraspinatus Palpation
  • Supraspinatus and Deltoid Lecture-CTB Shoulder
  • Supraspinatus Treatment-CTB Shoulder
  • Lightning Fast Supraspinatus/Deltoid Treatment Using the Muscle Liberator™

Detailed Treatment of the Primary Arm Abductors

Focus: Arm Adduction (Lat, Teres Major) Last week, we looked at the arm abductors (supraspinatus and deltoid), now we turn our attention to their antagonists, the principal arm adductors latissimus dorsi and teres major. The lat is a long, lax muscle that usually doesn't limit range of motion. However, the teres major is a short muscle that can strongly limit abduction. If the supraspinatus has trigger points and there is pain when it contracts to abduct the arm, the teres major is recruited to prevent the painful movement. In severe cases like frozen shoulder, teres major locks the arm against the person's side in adduction and medial rotation (as does the subscapularis).

  • Latissimus Dorsi - Anatomy and Theory
  • Teres Major - Anatomy and Theory
  • Teres Major - Palpation (Supine)
  • Lat and Teres Major - Palpation (Side position)
  • Lat, Teres Major - Treatment (Side position)/li>
  • Lightning Fast Teres Major/Lat Treatment Using the Muscle Liberator™
  • Glenohumeral Muscle Treatment Review - Side position/li>

Treating Frozen Shoulder Using the Coaching the Body Approach

Frozen shoulder is a stressful experience for anyone. The term itself is only descriptive, and not a diagnosis as most people assume. The “frozen” aspect refers to an extreme limitation of pain-free movement, but this is in general not due to capsular adhesions, rather to trigger points in muscles. Mainstream medicine fails to provide any reasonable explanation of why this condition develops. Severe pain combined with disempowerment, and a lack of understanding is a formula for stress. The common worldview assumes that shoulder pain, and pain in general, originates in a tear or some other kind of injury that needs to be repaired. My own work has show me that this generally is untrue - I can help shoulder clients get out of pain very quickly, and they can learn to take control of their own health.

  • Intro to Treating Frozen Shoulder with CTB
  • The CTB Understanding of Pain
  • Treating Frozen Shoulder: The CTB Approach

Complete Shoulder Coverage, Moving Into Other Body Areas

We will continue to delve deeply into shoulder pain for several more weeks, culminating in coverage of the full CTB Shoulder Protocol and Scapular Positioning Protocol. After that, we turn our attention to other important and common areas of pain complaints: knee pain, sciatica, low back, mid back, hip pain and much more. Given that this is a multi-year program, we have time to explore deeply each pain complaint. Students have opportunities to interact with instructors via a private Facebook group, course comments and live events.

Get Key Shoulder Pain Training Immediately

Get my most important shoulder material in the FIRST FEW WEEKS so you can start treating pain in the shoulders and upper back. After we cover the shoulder in depth, we will move on to other pain areas -- such as sciatic and hip pain.

Certified Practitioner Directory

You'll have an opportunity to complete an optional certification workshop in each pain area if you wish, and join our directory of certified practitioners. We get many client requests for specific pain conditions and we'll be able to refer them to you.

Live Workshops

I'll be hosting LIVE workshops that will allow you to ask questions, get our latest ideas, and learn ground breaking techniques that I'm constantly fine tuning. Even if you aren't close to our school, we'll be able to interact with you.

Specific Weekly Topic Focus

We'll be guiding you each week through all the information related to a specific muscle group, with secret, members-only resources to improve the depth and speed of your learning, including weekly Muscle Liberator™ videos.

As a member you'll be guided as a student through my unique approach and receive information that isn't available anywhere else.

I was frustrated at the total ineffectiveness of conventional ideas about pain... So frustrated that I was willing to throw out all the assumptions and start again from the ground up. I developed my own totally unique blending of ideas from trigger point therapy, osteopathy, martial arts, yoga and bodywork.

There's a lot to cover here, and we take the time to go through every single facet to make sure that you fully understand, why the pain is occurring and exactly how to prevent it from coming back.

Content is dripped out weekly with courses and quizzes, to ensure focused and effective, verifiable learning.

By spreading out the content throughout the year, we're able to carefully sequence and focus the material. This is much more effective than just diving in and getting overwhelmed. You'll be learning concepts in the best order, one muscle at a time. Ask questions about anything you need clarification on. Our private Facebook groups allow you to interact with faculty and other members of our engaged, excited community.

Each week, you'll be learning from master teachers who are using these techniques on a daily basis.

It's easy to throw around ideas. We're constantly putting our ideas to the test with real clients struggling with severe pain. You'll be able to see for yourself how effective this work is in the real world because we record our sessions and make them available to you.

FAQs About the CTB Membership and the Muscle Liberator™

About the Coaching The Body Membership

Do we have 24/7 access to the videos forever?

Yes! Once you become a member, the videos you receive access to each week will always be yours to watch.

What do we get with the CTB Membership?

The membership is a guided series of lessons, one per week, on how to treat the significant pain symptoms of the body. Think of it as an ongoing course that guides you step by step through our amazing Coaching the Body approach, with muscles and topics covered in the most logical order - starting with shoulder pain, the most common complaint that we see. You will get slides, videos, downloadable materials and more! Much of this material is only available via the membership. JOIN US!

Do the lessons provide Continuing Education credits for massage?

We are an NCBTMB-approved CE provider. We are approved for 28 CEUs just for the Shoulder Module (first 20 weeks) alone. The entire year provides over 60 CEUs.

What is the benefit of purchasing the CTB Membership over just the Muscle Liberator?

While we love the Muscle Liberator and all it can do, it wouldn’t be the tool we know it to be without the knowledge and understanding we have of not only Trigger Point Therapy and pain referral in the body, but also the use of reintegrative movement, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and breathing techniques, and our extensive body area protocols. In other words, we cannot guarantee success with the Muscle Liberator without the Membership. Using a tool like this to simply "iron muscles" loses 90% of the benefit.

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