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Thai Massage Mats and Shiatsu Mats

All Cotton Thai Massage Mats from Thai Bodywork

large mat treatment roomThai Bodywork has selected these beautifully made, high quality 54" x 80" all-cotton Thai massage mats for our students, including a carrying strap and heavy duty cotton cover in several colors (dk blue, natural, purple, black, denim). We have used these thai massage mats in our classes for over a decade, and they are very well constructed. This is an excellent value in an all-cotton mat of this quality. Our Thai massage mats are manufactured in the USA to our standards by a fabricator who specializes in natural materials.

In mat-based bodywork styles such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage, it is essential that the work surface be firm enough to provide balance and resist pressure. These Thai massage mats are filled with 3" untreated cotton batting, which provides a firm but comfortable work surface for Thai massage or Shiatsu. The 54" mat is suitable for outcalls or stationary use. You can throw the strap over your shoulder and carry to a client location, also this Thai massage mat fits easily in most cars.

We also carry a larger 66 inch Thai massage and shiatsu mat for stationary use. This mat is quite a bit heavier but is excellent for use in a treatment room. Filled with untreated cotton batting, this Thai massage mat comes with a heavy-duty washable cover.

We also carry a line of imported Thai bolster pillows, clothing and other accessories in our online store.

BioMat Far Infrared Heating Mat

Thai Bodywork uses the BioMat in our clinic and we have found it to significantly enhance therapeutic bodywork and self-care. The BioMat generates far infrared, which can penetrate several inches into the body and creates heating and enhanced micro circulation from within. This is very different than a heating pad, which generates harmful EMFs and heats the body from the outside, does not penetrate deeply into tissues and can cause burns and irritation.

In a mat-based practice, it isn’t uncommon for there to be a large temperature differential as the therapist works. The client is cold because they are at ground level and not active while the therapist is moving and warm. There is a limit to how much you can increase the room temperature due to the activity of the therapist. The BioMat provides warming and therapeutic far infrared to the client’s tissues from the floor as you work. In supine, the BioMat’s healing infrared heat is softening and treating the back lines, so that when you visit these muscles later in the session they will already have received a significant amount of therapy.

The BioMat can be placed over your all cotton Thai massage mat or even under it – because far infrared penetrates several inches, you can turn your BioMat up to a higher intensity and the client will still receive the warming rays, even through the cotton batting. For more information, please visit our BioMat Far Infrared Heating Mat page.

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