Restoring Pain-Free Shoulder ROM With Coaching The Body™ and The Muscle Liberator™...

From a frozen shoulder "nobody can help you" diagnosis to significant ROM in one session!

Whether it is used deeply or more superficially, this tool unlocks muscles!! Often, a client is unconsciously holding a muscle as a protective measure and simply can not let go— even with long sessions of manual palpation. This tool, and I smile as I think of it, is a powerful distractive force allowing the release that solves muscle dysfunction. I cannot thank you enough for inventing the Muscle Liberator!!
Krista Matison

CTB Student and Therapist

The content in the CTB Membership has been very helpful! The weekly lessons are usually just the right amount of information. It really depends on my schedule. If I'm busy, it's harder to get in but knowing I can pick back up as soon as my schedule allows is wonderful!

The Muscle Liberator is a great tool!  Once clients experience it and realize how quickly it helps, they are put at ease.

Kim Bengel

CTB Student & Therapist


This offer gets you not only a FREE Muscle Liberator, but a year of weekly apprentice style online training for less than the normal cost of a tool of this quality. And it's covered by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee (although you will have to send your dear Muscle Liberator back cry LOL). We can only keep this open for a few days, so here's your chance...