How To Fix Your Clients' Pain By Understanding Where It REALLY Comes From...

My passion is changing the medical system and our systemic misunderstanding of the true origins of pain. You'll see these ideas in action during this FREE online webclass. It's well worth 90 minutes of your valuable time! 

Chuck Duff and Coaching The Body Institute

A World-Class Resource for Therapeutic Bodywork and a Modern Understanding of Pain

CTBI was founded by Chuck Duff in 2001 in Evanston, IL, when Chuck began offering Thai massage workshops in addition to his private practice. His desire to help people in pain led him to in-depth study of trigger point therapy, osteopathic techniques and asian medicine, and the school has now grown to offer 30+ workshops a year.  Chuck's focus on understanding the true origins of pain led him to develop Coaching The Body as a modality and he taught the first CTB course in 2005.

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