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"How To Fix Pain Quickly At The Source Using The Muscle Liberator™"

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What We'll Cover In The Webinar:

✅ How to restore pain-free movement using a brand new approach to trigger point therapy showing actual treatment

✅ How to provide deep, long-lasting pain relief for your clients, without destroying your body in the process

✅ How to work with the most important muscle influencing shoulder function — and why nobody else is treating it

✅ Why tools alone without this key knowledge only solve a fraction of the problem

✅ How you can earn 2+ years of CE credits (all in one place!) and get your own Muscle Liberator™ for free

Chuck Duff

Chuck is the creator of the Coaching The Body™ modality and the Muscle Liberator™ tool. Drawing from intensive study of bodywork, martial arts, trigger point therapy, osteopathic techniques and Asian medicine, he has developed a new understanding of the true origins of pain, and has been teaching this approach since 2005. CTBI’s methodology has been internationally recognized as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches for treating pain and dysfunction.