90% of Pain is NOT Caused By Injury

And when you understand the true origins of pain, you'll be able to eliminate it - safely, effectively and for good.

FREE TRAINING: Eliminating Shoulder Pain With Coaching The Body™ Techniques

The latest research is showing that the vast majority of pain is not caused by tissue damage (a.k.a. injury), but is instead the result of how our nervous system processes information from muscles.

Integrating principles from trigger point theory, bodywork, functional movement, and modern neuroscience, we’ve developed a technique for treating pain at its source, using our proprietary Muscle Liberator™ tool.

This training will demonstrate how to restore range of motion and eliminate pain (for real!) using our unique methodology.

Reserve your seat today and you’ll also receive our Coaching the Body Out Of Severe Shoulder Pain Course as a free gift.


👉 How you can get your own Muscle Liberator™ and start incorporating it into your practice

👉How to restore pain-free movement using a new approach to trigger point therapy that’s much more effective

👉How to work with the most important muscle influencing shoulder function — and why nobody else is treating it

👉Why fancy tools and gadgets (even power tools) don’t provide lasting results unless you understand the true origins of pain

👉How you can earn 2+ years of CE credits (all in one place!) learning techniques that will eliminate pain in your clients, quickly and thoroughly

You’ll also receive our Coaching the Body Out Of Severe Shoulder Pain Course as a FREE gift for registering.

This course will detail our analysis of the origins of severe shoulder pain (including frozen shoulder) and our approach for addressing these issues.

You'll see a real example of Chuck using the therapeutic vibration of the Muscle Liberator to assist in restoring proper strength and ROM in the lower trapezius and other muscles.



Makes A Huge Difference!

Chuck has some excellent training for frozen shoulder syndrome and using his Muscle Liberator tool makes a HUGE difference in the speed at which you can help coach-the-body back to homeostasis!!! Excellent training that can help you change your MT/manual therapy practice!!! Check this Out!!! When you can recover 4x faster for frozen shoulder syndrome you don't care about the sound!!! I do this on my table all the time! Great technique to learn! Will make a difference in your practice!
Charlie Peebles, CMT MAT FMT MMS
Indiana State University Director of Massage Therapy Minor Degree Program Interim / Approved Myoskeletal Alignment Instructor with NCBTMB / Member of the Indiana State Board of Massage Therapy 2017-2020

Immediate Results

I have had a shoulder issue for 2 1/2 yrs but never went to the doctor. I have just been treating with massage therapy weekly with some relief, & added Rom but never seem to regain all my Rom w/o pain. OMGoodness I just self treated with Liberator & full Rom w/o pain I'm absolutely amazed! keep checking it and it is gone w/ full Rom! Thank You!


Mellisa Smith, Licensed Medical Massage Therapist / Pain Specialist: Life Source Massage Therapy, RTPR & VASAYO

FEEL The Release!

In addition to the CTB Approach I learned from Chuck, this tool unlocks muscles!! This is the one! Every client has told me how much they love the work with the ML, they literally can FEEL the release! Often, the nervous system is unconsciously holding a muscle as a protective means and simply can not let go— even with long sessions of manual palpation. This tool, and I smile as I think of it, is a serious force that insists on the release that solves muscle dysfunction. I cannot thank you enough for inventing the Muscle Liberator!!
Krista Matison
Professional Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor and CTB Apprentice

Chuck Duff

Professional Member, National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists

Chuck left a lucrative but soul-sucking career as a software researcher to pursue training in traditional Thai massage in the late 1990's. He founded Thai Bodywork in 2001, and while he rose to prominence as a top Thai massage teacher, he became frustrated with the imprecision and lack of a specific clinical approach for pain.

Chuck embarked on a decades-long study of trigger point therapy, functional anatomy, osteopathic approaches, Asian medicine and modern neuroscience, coming away with a new understanding of the true origins of pain. He created his Coaching The Body approach and taught the first class in 2005.

Coaching The Body Institute is the only school offering this powerful synthesis of bodywork, movement and state of the art trigger point knowledge.Chuck's system has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches for treatment of pain and dysfunction.