90% of Pain Is Not Caused by Injuries - It's From Muscles, and I Can Show You How To Fix It...

My passion is changing the medical system and our systemic misunderstanding of the true origins of pain. I want you to experience my teaching first-hand in this FREE 1-hour webinar - you'll see how we do this work first-hand. It's well worth 60 minutes of your valuable time!

And I'll show you how I use our secret weapon for getting results FAST...

The Muscle Liberator™!

Whether it is used deeply or more superficially, this tool unlocks muscles!! Often, a client is unconsciously holding a muscle as a protective means and simply can not let go— even with long sessions of manual palpation. This tool, and I smile as I think of it, is a serious force that insists on the release that solves muscle dysfunction. I cannot thank you enough for inventing the Muscle Liberator!!

Krista Matison
CTB Apprentice and Professional Therapist

I had posture problems since I was little. I have made numerous attempts to correct it (exercise, physical therapy, wore posture corrector) but with no lasting improvement or any significant results. When I came to Thai Body Work I did not have much hope, to be honest. I thought to myself: "It's just another thing to try but it's not gonna change anything." I was stunned with results of two 60 min long sessions. I have learned that my posture problems are the results of tight muscles and uncorrected hyperpronation. After treatment with the Muscle Liberator, I could not believe the results and my own experience of my body!!

Monika Gutkowska
Psychologist and CTB Client

I am a small person and the Muscle Liberator is what made me feel as if I really have a future healing pain. Before this tool, I just wasn't certain my body would be able to handle larger people over the long run.

Treya Jaholkowska
CTB Student and Therapist

Coaching The Body Institute

A World-Class Resource for Therapeutic Bodywork and a Modern Understanding of Pain

Thai Bodywork was founded by Chuck Duff in 2001 in Evanston, IL, when Chuck began offering Thai massage workshops in addition to his private practice. His desire to help people in pain led him to in-depth study of trigger point therapy, osteopathic techniques and asian medicine, and the school has now grown to offer 30+ workshops a year.  Chuck's focus on understanding the true origins of pain led him to develop Coaching The Body as a modality and he taught the first CTB course in 2005.

CTBI is the only school of its kind offering this powerful synthesis of mat-based bodywork and Travell & Simons-based trigger point therapy. Chuck's in-person and online teaching has now achieved international recognition as one of the most sophisticated and successful approaches in the world for treatment of pain and dysfunction.

And... if you register today, you will receive our Coaching the Body Out Of Severe Shoulder Pain Course FREE ($39 value)!

Severe Shoulder Pain Course Description

Frozen shoulder is a stressful experience for anyone. The term itself is only descriptive, and not a diagnosis as most people assume. The “frozen” aspect refers to an extreme limitation of pain-free movement, but this is not in general due to injury or capsular adhesions -- the pain originates in trigger points in muscles. Mainstream medicine fails to provide any reasonable explanation of why this condition develops. Severe pain combined with disempowerment, and a lack of understanding of how it started produces a severely stressful situation for the client.

This course will go into detail on the CTB analysis of the origins of severe shoulder pain as well as our approach for addressing these issues. You will see a real example of Chuck using the therapeutic vibration of the Muscle Liberator to assist in restoring proper strength and ROM in the lower trapezius and other muscles.