An Example of the CTB Treatment Cycle

The Coaching The Body® Treatment Cycle guides the general approach for treating each individual muscle. In most cases, after palpation for muscle quality and taught fibers, we work into short, move through an intermediate range with distraction and vibration, and use contract/relax stretching with vibration for each cycle.

Each muscle has its own unique treatment characteristics. In this video, Chuck describes the treatment cycle, followed by a practical example using the Tensor Fasia Latae muscle.

Pain Treatment Secrets

Build A Practice Your Clients Can’t Stop Talking About — By Dissolving Pain Right At The Source

Tired of being stumped by your clients’ pain issues? Most pain comes from trigger points in muscles, and can be eliminated fully and efficiently by understanding its true origins using the principles and techniques of Coaching The Body®.

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“I used your approach today on a client with an ‘arthritic hip’. Turns out he had the trigger point of all trigger points in his adductor magnus. He was in disbelief about his range of motion in his hip when we were finished. I’m only 8 weeks in to the CTB membership and it’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done for my business/life. I totally changed 3 peoples lives today with the Muscle Liberator and the understanding of functional anatomy and TP referral from your classes. Infinite gratitude for your work.”

Sarah Cook

CTB Member