Booking a Session with Coaching The Body™

We are currently offering both in-person treatments and online pain coaching. Please select the type of treatment you would prefer.

Our approach to the treatment of pain is completely unique and very effective, synthesizing the traditional techniques of Thai massage with an in-depth knowledge of western clinical approaches, trigger point therapy and asian medicine.

Online Pain Coaching will walk you through assessing your home lifestyle and "workplace" ergonomics, any structural perpetuating factors that may be keeping you in pain (e.g. leg length discrepancy, hyperpronation), and will teach you self-care techniques that you can use at any time to reduce your pain level.

CTB™ Master Practitioner Sessions ($225-$300) are sessions with certified Coaching The Body™ Master level practitioners. These are highly trained practitioners with significant clinical experience who have apprenticed directly with Chuck Duff. These sessions may be attended by apprentices and recorded for educational purposes.

CTB™ Advanced Practitioner Sessions ($150-$200) are with practitioners who have completed the core Coaching the Body Practitioner Program as well as additional apprenticeship in advanced pain conditions.

CTB™ Student Sessions ($120) are with students in our core Coaching The Body™ Practitioner program. They have had at least 100 hours of study and are working to gain experience in the clinic.

Clinic Roster

Doug-ringwald profile image
Doug Ringwald, CTBM

Doug is a CTB™ Master Practitioner. He is a CTB Instructor in addition to being a Master Practitioner. Doug has many years of successful client treatments and provides remote sessions as well as in-person sessions at his studio in the Denver area..

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Josh Hoeks, CTBA

Josh is a CTB™ Advanced Practitioner. He is currently sharing time between Evanston, IL, where he is an assistant teacher and senior practitioner at CTBI; and Iowa City, IA, where he teaches Posture and Movement Classes at Heartland Yoga and provides CTB™ services. Josh's primary interest is helping people eliminate pain so that they can return to the lifestyle they want to live. To help clients achieve this goal, Josh draws on over twenty years of study of traditional forms of posture, movement and breath.