Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pain: Your Ultimate Self-Treatment Guide

Discover Relief from Shoulder Pain with this Comprehensive Guide to Self-Treatment

Join the Movement of Pain-Free Living: Discover How the Coaching The Body® Method Can Help You Treat Your Shoulder Pain Like a Pro

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"I took the course and self-treated every shoulder muscle myself and relieved my shoulder pain and dysfunction - and now I am 100% back to normal healthy shoulder function. I went to a chiropractor and he loosely diagnosed me with a torn labrum. Told me I would need an MRI with contrast to confirm that diagnosis and that surgery was the only fix. I knew that wasn’t the case and I was right. I am so thankful for you Chuck and your knowledge and training and sharing it with others!

Edi Wood

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Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pain with the Coaching The Body™ Approach

Are you tired of living with constant shoulder pain? Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes to finding a solution? Or have you been told to simply avoid certain exercises or take time off, without any real results?

Discover the proven methods of the Coaching The Body™ Approach and learn how to treat your own shoulder pain like a pro. Say goodbye to limitations and experience the freedom of pain-free movement once again.

Empower yourself with our proven tools to treat your own shoulder pain and take charge of your own recovery. You won’t find this approach anywhere else - our method is unique as are its results.

“Great teachers. Structure of the course flowed well! Good segments and not too much information at once.”


I have had a shoulder issue for 2 1/2 yrs never went to dr. OMGoodness I just self treated with liberator & full Rom w/o pain I’m absolutely amazed! I keep checking it and it is gone w/ full Rom!

Julie Ashlock

The Liberator reached old stiff shoulder areas that only the best therapists could occasionally get to. I'm so happy to know that real relief is now available and I look forward to doing the same for my clients.

Kathy Zoladz

“Makes so much sense to learn it this way-- functionally.”


“Yes! So much info about the referral areas. Just what I wanted and needed. It brought all the prior classes together.”

Kimberly Wilkes

The shoulder course that you sent me about 6 months ago, was very instrumental in helping a young man (who only speaks Arabic) resolve his debilitating neck and shoulder pain with self care.

David Rath

I haven’t come across a person with such specific knowledge in myofascial pain in quite some time.

Laura Pudloski

“I have a much clearer understanding of muscles because of Doug's demos!!!”


“So impressed with the unique style of teaching and the blend of East/West technique.”

Teresa Williams

Thanks Chuck for your contribution. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am enjoying the  online classes and look forward to seeing you guys in person soon.

Liana Congram

"Today I used my Hypervolt in a different way after just taking your class and I now have restored range of motion in my right shoulder that I haven't had Since about 2004. I am not kidding."

Veronica Velasquez

I have watched the shoulder self care lessons and have been using these techniques. I am back to golfing, bowling without pain. My lifting weight is close to what it was years ago!

Linda L. Hedrick

“Great presentation, demostration, and execution”


“I started out on pec minor then supraspinatus, deltoid, bicep and just finished with my arm draped over the top of my head and got teres, lats, and the border of subscap. I am so totally amazed at what this tool can do!.


Thank you I received the shoulder course and already started treating myself and others. This stuff works!!

Edward Bryabt

This training has been one of the best investments I have made in my career. And I’m not even halfway through my training! I highly recommend it if you’re considering it.

Gretchen Popp

“Teaches the why which makes everything come together.”


I can't thank you enough. I'm so excited to all of your courses. and if you were close by I'd be booking sessions left and right. Love you guys!

Kathleen Yorke

“Well taught and thorough”


I tried some techniques out on my partner whose shoulder pain went from chronic to excruciating after some ill-advised exercise on Friday. We were both amazed!

Kim Stevenson

“Very functional information.”


Chiropractor told me I would need an MRI to confirm torn labrum and that surgery was the only fix. Self treated every shoulder muscle myself with CTB and relieved my shoulder pain and dysfunction and now I am 100% back to normal.

Edi Woods

“Terrific- Chuck's knowledge is scary good!”


“I feel ike I'm learning the most advanced and expert training available, it's the best.”

Will Baird

An Eye Opener! Chuck, this is an eye-opener! I am so grateful for your passion in pain-hacking.

Carina Tabalanza Pitts

“One of the best things I've ever done for myself.


Immediate Results. I am already seeing results with only the first two lessons.


Immediate Results. I am already seeing results with only the first two lessons.

Alec Destroismaisons

“Chuck is a fantastic teacher, as always. He changes my worldview and deepens my understanding of the body and of pain every time.”


“Great teachers. Structure of the class flowed well! Good segments and not too much information at once.”


3 Pain Myths of Conventional Medicine


Pain is the result of injury or some mysterious “inflammation”.

Nope. Although acute trauma, like a fall or collision, can damage tissues and cause pain, most pain is actually from trigger points in muscles. This has been proven by studies at pain clinics, research at the NIH and in our own clinical experience. Trigger points are small areas of stagnation in muscle tissue that develop in response to chronic or acute stresses on muscles. Trigger points aren’t injuries, and they commonly send pain to other areas (pain referral) in a way that can very much feel like an injury. This fools everyone - doctors, PTs, most practitioners, breathing dysfunction.


Painful, impaired muscles test "weak" and need to be strengthened.

Nope. You can’t “strengthen” yourself out of pain. That’s why traditional physical therapy often fails or even makes pain worse.

There is a common misunderstanding of how and why a muscle becomes “weak”. Weakness is often the result of trigger points in muscle fibers. These fibers cannot contract on demand of the nervous system -- they are in a stuck contraction known as a contracture. Putting compromised muscles with trigger points under load, stretch or shortening often leads to a larger pain response from the nervous system, and more trigger point fiber development, exacerbating the problem.

In Coaching The Body® methods, the trigger point fibers are first reduced, and pain-free movement restored, before any strengthening work. Restoring the ability of muscle fibers to contract on demand brings them back “online” to the nervous system. The muscle regains strength immediately and then can be further conditioned with incremental strengthening exercises.


Pain means muscles are tight and need to be stretched.

Nope. Although stretching can feel great after being immobile in front of computer or driving for too long, it can also light up pain issues.  And for chronic, recurring pain, stretching is borderline useless, unless you understand where the pain is coming from in the first place (and it's usually not where you might think).

The issue comes down again to most medical and fitness professionals not understanding muscle trigger point physiology. When trigger point fibers are stretched without first being treated, the nociceptors in the muscle will send danger signals to the nervous system which will then engage the muscle and shut down the stretch to protect the body from perceived danger.

In Coaching The Body®, we use knowledge of pain referral and functional relationships to understand the true sources of pain. We then use muscle energy techniques and neurological distraction to resolve trigger points in muscles to gain strength, length and pain-free range of motion.

The result is fast, dramatic change--sometimes within minutes.

Have You Ever Experienced Any of This?

Difficulty performing daily tasks: Shoulder pain can make it challenging to perform everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking, or even brushing your hair.

Limited mobility: Shoulder pain can lead to limited mobility, making it difficult to lift your arm, reach overhead, or perform other movements comfortably.

Discomfort while sleeping: Shoulder pain can make it hard to get comfortable while sleeping, which can lead to restless nights and fatigue.

Inability to exercise or play sports: Shoulder pain can limit your ability to participate in physical activities, making it challenging to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Constant discomfort: Shoulder pain can be a constant source of discomfort, leading to frustration and a decreased quality of life.

Reduced productivity at work: Shoulder pain can affect your ability to perform work-related tasks, leading to a decrease in productivity and potential income loss.

Emotional impact: Chronic shoulder pain can have a significant emotional impact, leading to feelings of anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

Financial burden: Medical treatment for shoulder pain can be costly, leading to financial strain and potential debt. Additionally, shoulder pain can lead to missed work and lost wages.

If you answered yes to any of the above, solving these problems is what we do every single day for our clients at Coaching The Body.

Take Control of Your Pain - For Good

Tired of being given useless exercises that only make things worse? Been to a bunch of practitioners, none of whom can help you? Are you being told to just “wait it out” or that you need surgery? Or that your muscles are weak and you need to strengthen them, even though you end up with more pain?

Don't let your suffering hold you back. Discover the true source of your shoulder pain and how to make it go away forever with our proven methods. Take charge of your own recovery. If you’re  looking for answers that nobody has been able to give you, the Coaching The Body™ Approach has the solution you've been looking for.

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Chuck Duff of Coaching the body
Hi - I'm Chuck Duff

Founder of Coaching The Body® Institute

As a martial artist and serious yoga practitioner, I've always been fascinated by the power of movement--and I've had my share of pain and setbacks.

Most of us don’t understand pain (and neither did I), but we all experience it. The Western medical system sees pain as a sign of something broken that needs fixing, some manifestation of injury or disease—an inevitable consequence of damaged tissues. This pathology model of pain is both thoroughly inculcated into popular thinking and unfortunately wrong in a high percentage of cases.

Oddly enough, pain is a mystery to the medical profession. Our medical system is still in the middle ages in terms of understanding pain, which is why we have over 100,000 people a year dying of opiate overdose in the US. Many of those sad outcomes began with seemingly innocent prescription painkillers.

When I started out as a Thai bodyworker over 20 years ago, I quickly became frustrated at my inability to reliably help the many clients who came to me with pain. I was shocked at how many well regarded practitioners had failed them as well prior to seeing me.

Setting out on my journey with trigger point therapy in 2002 gave me hope that I could develop a repeatable system for treating pain. I discovered the reasons why this brilliantly conceived system had a spotty track record and had never gained mainstream acceptance. I spent years analyzing the functional anatomy behind common Thai and yoga poses, training and movement exercises and began recasting them in terms of updated trigger point principles.

I taught the first course in my new system, Coaching The Body®, in 2005 and I've spent the intervening years refining it--until we now can reliably address the vast majority of pain complaints with speed, permanence and efficiency. CTB combines trigger point knowledge, modern neuroscience and neuroplasticity research with a range of manual therapy and self care techniques. It works.

A book titled Ending the Pain written by Chuck Duff

My book, ENDING PAIN, quickly became an Amazon #1 Best Seller, a testament to the need for a revolutionary new look at our failing pain industry.

Available at
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What Would Your Life Look Like if...

If you could move your shoulder without any pain? No more wincing or flinching with every arm movement.

If you could sleep soundly through the night, without being woken up by the discomfort of shoulder pain?

If you could return to your favorite activities without worrying about your shoulder? No more missing out on sports, hobbies, or even playing with your kids or grandkids.

If you could finally focus on your work or studies, instead of being distracted by the constant ache in your shoulder?

If you had the confidence and freedom to pursue new adventures and experiences, knowing that your shoulder won't hold you back?

What Exactly Do You Get in The Course?

This course offers practical techniques and strategies to help you improve your clients' movement patterns, enhance their body awareness, and optimize their overall health.

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Module 1

Introduction to the CTB™ Approach and Scapular Positioning

Scapular positioning is a term that we use to talk about the normal or at rest position of the scapula. The scapular stabilizer muscles exist in a carefully orchestrated relationship. Ideally, these muscles will each be at a relatively normal resting length, however it is very common for some fibers to become chronically shortened, and their antagonists to defacilitate and exist in some degree of stretch at all times.

This relationship determines our shoulder posture. Many factors can influence this group of muscles and cause distorted posture. Excessive protraction is very common, also called rounded shoulder posture.

At the Coaching the Body Institute, we've developed a scapular positioning treatment approach using the Muscle Liberator™ tool that can be completed typically in 45 minutes or less - sometimes much less. This is an extremely valuable treatment, because improper positioning of the scapula can in turn trigger dysfunction and pain in many other muscles.

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Module 2

Understanding The True Origins Of Shoulder Pain

This module explains how shoulder pain commonly develops, and provides an easy to follow overview of the most important muscles in the shoulder. We go into detail on the all-important muscles that position the shoulder blade and establish shoulder posture.

While you don’t need to learn anatomy in depth to treat your own shoulder pain, a little knowledge is very helpful. If you wish, you can skip this section or watch it later after you do some initial treatment.

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Module 3

The Basic Shoulder Self Treatment Sequence

In this module, we take you through a quick sequence that is easy to do and will significantly reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. This will help you see results quickly and make it easier to go into depth on some of the other muscles.

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Module 4

The Full Shoulder Self Treatment Sequence

This packed module goes into depth on treating the 14 muscles that are common elements in shoulder pain. You will be carefully guided through the treatment using a variety of tools. We present options for individuals with limited range of motion. This is a highly effective treatment that can address even severe should pain issues.

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Module 5

Full Shoulder Self Treatment Tour And Demonstration

Doug guides you step by step through the full shoulder treatment, including an actual treatment session that he does on himself, so you can follow along step by step.

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Module 6

Reference Guides And Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain Workbook

You will receive downloadable reference guides covering the basic and full treatment protocol, the Muscle Liberator™ lite, and using the Tiger Tail™ balls in your treatment. These are attractive guides that can be printed out or viewed on your devices.

Why This Course is Different

The Coaching The Body methodology is built upon a completely different understanding of pain origins and movement dysfunction than mainstream myths. Our approach has proven highly successful in over 20 years of clinical practice, with thousands of clients helped, even in cases of severe pain and movement dysfunction such as “frozen shoulder”.

We have translated these successes into a self care approach that begins by understanding that where you feel pain is not the actual source of the pain. Traditional thinking holds that the pain is caused by some sort of injury or disease at the site of the pain. Our work and trigger point theory, on the other hand, have shown conclusively that the true source of your shoulder pain is usually well removed from where it is felt.

Without this insight, you are doomed to repeating useless exercises and strengthening routines that very often make the pain worse. Muscles with trigger points appear to be much weaker than they are, and this is a trap that conventional treatment falls into every time.

In the CTB protocol, you follow the common paths of satellite referral that make shoulder pain show up in the typical places. By getting to the true source, you can restore full pain-free movement, at which point you can then do incremental strengthening safely if you wish.

a woman in a purple shirt doing stretching exerice

Here’s What People Are Saying About This Course

Loved Doug's full self care demo. Seeing his spine articulate with more fluidity and movement after self care was awesome."

Sandy E.

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

a woman posing
“A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else out there like these!”

Julianne H.

Founder, KC Yoga Coach

After the shoulder course I am 100% back to normal healthy shoulder function. I went to a chiropractor and he diagnosed me with a torn labrum. Told me that surgery was the only fix. I am so thankful for you Chuck and your knowledge and training!

Edi Woods

The shoulder self care course that you sent me about 6 months ago was very instrumental in helping a young man (who only speaks Arabic) completely resolve his debilitating neck and shoulder pain.

David Rath

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us

Hey, Doug here… and I just want to say that I was in your shoes 10 years ago. I was a yoga teacher and personal trainer struggling to help my clients (and myself!) with pain and movement limitations.

I personally experienced bouts of low back pain that were crippling, even though I was a conditioned soccer player and yoga practitioner.

I was frustrated.  I did not understand functional anatomy and pain well enough to help myself or my clients like I felt in my heart had to be possible. And I and many of my clients had been failed by a long stream of therapists, doctors and surgeries.

I turned over every rock. I studied corrective exercise. I read books on physical therapy, anatomy, biomechanics, neuroscience, pain…”alternative” modalities like Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Feldenkrais, Alexander Method…and came to the shocking conclusion none of the “experts” actually understood pain and movement in anything more than a general and ambiguous way. No one had specific solutions to specific problems.

Doug Ringwald  of Coaching the body

Then I found Chuck Duff. A man that could solve pain problems in minutes with clients and students, because he had discovered the faulty assumptions underpinning the medical pain paradigm and came to understand the true muscular sources of pain. And not just theoretically, but through 20 years of clinical bodywork and movement retraining with clients, to find what works most efficiently.  

I had found my mentor and spent the next 10 years apprenticing, building my clinical practice, refining and teaching Coaching The Body methods.

Those 10 years of experience resolving pain with hundreds of clients and teaching the CTB methods to hundreds of students, have now been distilled into this course.

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Treat Your Own Shoulder Pain with Coaching The Body™ online course ($360 value)
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Membership in our private support group so you can ask questions, get downloads
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100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our training and products 100%! If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers you need to make an informed decision about the Coaching the Body Membership

Can I Really Treat My Own Pain?

Yes, absolutely! The techniques are not difficult. It is a matter of informed analysis of what is really contributing to pain, so you know where to treat. And this is covered extensively in this course.

Conversely, many of our clients have come to us because their prior treatments have actually made their condition worse. Forcing shoulder movement in spite of pain, focusing on strength when the muscles aren't able to perform, inappropriate surgeries and failing to deal with satellite referral are just some of the reasons why you will be better off treating yourself unless you have a qualified CTB therapist in your area.

You will also have access to our chat system and online community to ask questions and get support.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are three bundle options that give you an attractive discounted price. You can choose the course alone and use your own tools, or you can bundle it with our Muscle Liberator Lite vibration tool and/or Tiger Tail balls. Whichever you choose, it will be an investment in your own health that you will not regret, and will cost you less than a couple of sessions with a therapist. See the pricing tables above for details.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, within 30 days you can get a full refund if you aren’t happy with the course. We know our self care approach works and stand behind our products 100%, and we want you fully satisfied.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

You get lifetime access to the materials, so you can work at your own pace without fear of your access expiring.

Will I receive support during the course?

You will have access to our online Community, where you can interact with other students and faculty. You can also book an online coaching session with a CTB practitioner via our practitioners directory.