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Want to learn how to end pain for good?

Are you frustrated by the massive ignorance regarding pain in the medical system? Hi, I’m Chuck Duff, author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, ENDING PAIN. Over 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people learn to treat their own or their clients’ pain effectively and permanently.

If you are a bodyworker, fitness or manual therapy professional, I can show you how to explode your income, be booked 3 months out and be known as the go-to expert “Pain Hacker” in your area.

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Here are four ways that I can help you become a PainHacker for yourself or others:

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Manual Therapists

I want to learn to be a successful Pain Hacker, explode my practice and help more people

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Yoga/Fitness Pros

I want to help my fitness/yoga clients be pain free and keep progressing

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Shoulder Sufferers

I want to get rid of my shoulder pain at home, for good

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Sciatica Sufferers

I want to permanently eliminate my low back, hip and leg pain at home

Continuing Education Credits

Many of our courses provide approved CE for massage, corrective exercise and yoga

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“I haven’t come across a person with such specific knowledge in myofascial pain in quite some time..”

Laura Pudloski

I'm a massage therapist and I also do a lot of trigger point work and Thai work and I'm just like in heaven. I'm only halfway through week one and I'm so thrilled.

Kathleen Yorke

Chuck’s years of study and practice has evolved into the healing wisdom our Westernized society needs TODAY. I want to share this with my community and teach it to future generations!!!

Julianne Hutchcraft

“Makes so much sense to learn it this way-- functionally.”


“Yes! So much info about the referral areas. Just what I wanted and needed. It brought all the prior classes together.”

Kimberly Wilkes

“After about 20 minutes of gingerly addressing my partner’s traps, subscap, infra, supra, deltoid, and biceps  his pain-free ROM increased dramatically. We were both amazed!!!”

Kim Stevenson

“Good stuff! Chuck, you are a wonderful teacher! I really like having the ability to “rewind” and replay something. I really love this course, my thumbs are MUCH happier these days! Thanks so much!

Itsy Sweeney

“I have a much clearer understanding of muscles because of Doug's demos!!!”


“So impressed with the unique style of teaching and the blend of East/West technique.”

Teresa Williams

“Loved the down to earth vibe. Very inspiring course!”


Thanks Chuck! I love this approach! From my 35 years of doing massage, this all makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing this concept.

K. HarrisHeidi Scott

“These studies are invaluable! I am so thankful to have discovered your program.

Julie Shelton

“Very awesome and very eye opening. I always thought how important your feet were.That is your foundation. But this brings it to a whole new level.”

Joe Matacic Jr

“I believe so strongly in what Chuck is doing. I have watched it transform lives and eliminate medical diagnoses! I’m THRILLED to continue my study, learning from a true master of healing pain and injury!”

Julianne Hutchcraft

“Thanks Chuck for your contribution. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am enjoying the weekly online classes and look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Liana Congram

“Immediate Results. I am already seeing results with only the first two lessons.

Alec Destroismaisons

“Teaches the why which makes everything come together.”


“Going forward, I am so excited to be able to 1. Help get my yoga students out of pain, and 2. Help them access improved joint mobility & stability much faster.”

Kim Stevenson

“Well taught and thorough”


“Very good. Serious people and serious instruction. All info. was relevant and important. Enough repetition to learn.”


“Life Changing! This program has been life changing for my practice and all of my clients have benefited tremendously. Thank you!!!”

Lori Wynn

“Every class makes the concepts "Click" a little more”


“Terrific- Chucks knowledge is scary good!”


“I feel ike I'm learning the most advanced and expert training available, it's the best.”

Will Baird

“It was helpful to have the apprentices and other teachers in the class.”

Tracy Pitts

“Clients noticing difference! So far with the program I have learned lots and my clients are noticing a difference.”

Chris Eliades

“Chuck, I learn well from your style of teaching. Glad to have such informative lectures where you manage to throw in your experiences as well. Pretty cool.”

Julio Bueno

“Really excited to possibly work towards solution for mild deafness.”


“Chuck is a fantastic teacher, as always. He changes my worldview and deepens my understanding of the body and of pain every time.”


“Great teachers. Structure of the class flowed well! Good segments and not too much information at once.”


A Proven Approach for Lasting Relief

Experience the power of our unique CTB™ methodology, revolutionizing pain treatment through neuroscience and movement.

Advanced Bodywork Approach

Using movement, advanced TrP therapy and distraction

Targeted Vibration Therapy

Using precise therapeutic vibration for fast relief with our Muscle Liberator™

Neuro-Hacking Techniques

Accelerate recovery with neuroplasticity and distraction methods

 Find The True Source Of Chronic Pain

Advanced analysis including functional relationships and satellite referral

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All Courses

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Restore Pain-Free Movement

Discover how the top 1% of fitness and movement professionals are using this innovative method to eliminate pain and movement limitations, stand out from the competition, and turbocharge their businesses..

Loved Doug's full self care demo. Seeing his spine articulate with more fluidity and movement after self care was awesome."

Sandy Efflandt.

a woman with a pain massager on her back

Relieve Your Shoulder Pain

Join the Movement of Pain-Free Living: Discover How the Coaching The Body® Method Can Help You Treat Your Shoulder Pain Like a Pro

Loved Doug's full self care demo. Seeing his spine articulate with more fluidity and movement after self care was awesome."

Sandy Efflandt.

A man in a squat position pointing a pain-relief device on his back.

Free Yourself from Sciatica and Hip Pain

Eliminate Your Sciatica & Hip Pain with the Same Proven Method Used by Top CTB Manual Therapists

I’m already knowing how to use it on my plantar fasciitis and I don’t even know if there [is] a segment on that but it’s really helping.

Joy Griffin

A man with a pain-relief device pointed to an inner thigh of another person

Dissolve Pain Right At The Source

Tired of being stumped by your clients’ pain issues? Most pain comes from trigger points in muscles and can be eliminated fully and efficiently by understanding its true origins using the principles and techniques of Coaching The Body®.

I’m only 8 weeks in to the CTB membership and it’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done for my business/life.

Sarah Cook.

A book titled Ending the Pain written by Chuck Duff

Chuck’s book, ENDING PAIN, quickly became an Amazon #1 Best Seller, a testament to the need for a revolutionary new look at our failing pain industry.

Available at
Here’s What Our Students Say About Coaching The Body®
“A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else out there like these!”

Julianne Hutchcraft

Founder, KC Yoga Coach

“I have purchased all the CTB on line courses and more, I have a full time practice with 25-30 hrs weekly and most of what I do is CTB. It's amazing! It has changed my practice entirely in the way of how many more people I can help. I love it!”

Francine Pettit

Samadhi Thai Massage & Bodywork

"I've been an online student for some time. I've been involved with bodywork since the early 80's and have learned more about what I thought I already knew than I thought possible
with CTB.”

Marshelle Joseph


Chuck Duff of Coaching the Body InstituteA book titled Ending the Pain written by Chuck Duff
Meet Chuck Duff

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Oddly enough, pain is a mystery to the medical profession. Our medical system is still in the middle ages in terms of understanding pain, which is why we have over 100,000 people a year dying of opiate overdose in the US.

When I started out as a Thai bodyworker over 20 years ago, I quickly became frustrated at my inability to reliably help the many clients who came to me with pain. I was shocked at how many experienced practitioners had failed them prior to seeing me.

Setting out on my journey with trigger point therapy in 2002 gave me hope that I could develop a repeatable system for treating pain. I discovered the reasons why this brilliantly conceived system had a spotty track record and had never gained mainstream acceptance. I spent years analyzing the functional anatomy behind common Thai and yoga poses, training and movement exercises and began recasting them in terms of updated trigger point principles.

I taught the first course in my new system, Coaching The Body®, in 2005 and I've spent the intervening years refining it--until we now can reliably address the vast majority of pain complaints with speed, permanence and efficiency. CTB combines trigger point knowledge, modern neuroscience and neuroplasticity concepts with a range of manual therapy and self care techniques. It works.