Treat your own sciatica and hip pain, at home, better than a Pro!

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A man in a squat position pointing a pain-relief device on his back.

Are you tired of living with sciatica or hip pain, and getting no relief from professionals?  We can help you:

Enjoy the freedom of pain-free movement once again.

Take charge of your own recovery.

Get back to the activities and life you love.

Chuck Duff here.

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of sciatic pain sufferers regain pain-free movement by applying my innovative Coaching The Body® self treatment methods.

These methods are built upon a completely different understanding of pain origins and movement dysfunction than mainstream orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy.

Where you feel the pain is not the actual source of pain. Most pain is referred by trigger points in muscles.  Most medical professionals don’t understand this, are misled by the “illusion of injury” and prescribe misguided interventions that don’t work or make things worse!

The truth is, most pain can be eliminated fully and efficiently by understanding its true origins using the Coaching The Body principles and self treatment techniques.

With the Treat Your Own Sciatica online video course you’ll learn how to eliminate your pain and be supported in our robust online community and by CTB instructors.

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I was having knee pain that made it very difficult to walk. I am now able to make turns on my legs without them buckling.

I applied what I learned to a friend of mine who was in a car crash. I came to his house where he was taking small baby steps using a walker. After I treated him, he was taking normal walking steps with his walker. Also on several occasions he walked and stood up without his walker. Both of us were surprised when he unconsciously stood up on his own. It was a miracle!

Ed Bryant, Jr.