Are you tired of not solving your clients’ pain and want to skyrocket your practice and referrals?

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How would you like to learn the true sources of pain and how to resolve issues quickly, from mentors that have been doing it and teaching it for 20 years?  We can help you:

Understand and solve pain that baffles other therapists.

Explode your referrals and practice.

Be the go-to Pain Hacker in your area and be booked months in advance.

Chuck Duff here.

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of manual therapists (massage, bodywork, physical therapists, chiropractors) become experts at resolving pain and exploding their reputations and practices.

Most pain is referred by trigger points in muscles, although most medical professionals don’t understand this, and are misled by the “illusion of injury”.

The truth is, most pain can be eliminated fully and efficiently by understanding its true origins using the Coaching The Body principles and techniques.

With my foundations online courses and membership, you’ll learn how to eliminate pain and be supported in our robust CTB Mastermind community.

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Ending Pain book written by Chuck Duff

Chuck’s book, ENDING PAIN, quickly became an Amazon #1 Best Seller, a testament to the need for a revolutionary new look at our failing pain industry.

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