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537 Custer Ave.

Suite 5 Evanston, IL 60202

+1 847-440-7525

We'd love to hear from you. In general, you are likely to get your question answered more quickly here than you by phone. We have a busy teaching and clinic schedule and often cannot answer the phone. We monitor email and form submissions throughout the day. Here are the best ways to contact us:



To schedule a call with one of our admissions counselors, please use the contact form below or email


If you have questions about planning your certification, please enter your question in the form below and our admissions staff will contact you. To speak with someone in person, book a time in the scheduling form, above.


For all questions about booking a session, please visit the clinic page. That will answer most of your questions and allow you to book most sessions online. For questions not answered on that page, you may contact the clinic staff at


If you are already enrolled or a prior student and have questions about getting from the airport, where to stay, booking a room at the studio, checking in, your payment plan and other logistical questions, please email us at


If you're interested in details about our course offerings, our Course Catalog page contains course descriptions and a concise schedule of upcoming classes. Our Schedule page has a detailed schedule and enrollment links. You do not need to contact us about whether a class is full. Our booking system will make it impossible to enroll once a class fills, so if you can place your deposit you are guaranteed a place in class.