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Banish Sciatic Pain Forever...without Rolling your IT Band!

There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion in the world about the iliotibial band (IT band);  its structure, its function, and how to effectively treat pain that is felt in the lateral thigh.  This course explores and explodes the myths regarding the IT Band, exposes the true sources of sciatic pain, and demonstrates effective treatment using the Coaching The Body methods.

CTB for Mid-Back, Abdominal & Thoracic Pain

There is a complex web of interlocking referral relationships between abdominal and back muscles. Without knowledge of these relationships, you will fail to properly get to the source of many pain conditions. While you may not see many clients who explicitly present with abdominal pain, you will find that abdominal issues are very frequently involved as hidden perpetuators of conditions that you do see frequently.

Hands Free 1: In Depth

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Glutes, Adductors & QL: Keys to Sciatica, Gluteal & Low Back Pain & More

You've probably seen a lot of sciatica cases among friends, family, clients, and perhaps in your own body. It can be frustrating, and hard to eliminate. People "roll their IT band" as they are told to do, sometimes for hours per day. Relief is fleeting and short-lived. How would you like to learn to eliminate these complaints consistently in a single session? This course will show you how.