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About The Coaching The Body Membership

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About The Coaching The Body Membership

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Our online membership is a kind of "remote apprenticeship program" that covers our approach in all of the major pain areas of the body over the course of multiple years. Lessons are released each week. In the first year, we go into depth on shoulder pain, sciatica, hip and knee pain. Following years address head and neck, foot and ankle, low back, mid back and abdominal, and forearm and hand pain. 

Resources include extensive video lessons, slides, downloads, membership in a mastermind group and occasional live streaming events. We include our Muscle Liberator™ tool in the first year membership. As a member, you will receive discounts on in-person study, and should you wish to pursue full certification at our school, the membership content is a required component and you will already have begun that.

For more information and to get preferred pricing, please register for our free webinar where we cover the origins and philosophy of Coaching The Body and how you can get involved. If there are any other questions, please contact us in the chat box below. 

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☑️ NCBTMB-Approved CE hours for massage. Take care of your CE requirements while learning a world-class system for treating pain. Our weekly lessons award 1-2 hours per week, making this aspect alone a great value even without the Muscle Liberator.

☑️ Learn how to resolve pain at the source. Instead of being mislead by the "illusion of injury", you'll be treating the muscles that are ACTUALLY causing the pain. Understand how to address the perpetuating factors, satellite referral chains and other relationships that set it up in the first place.

☑️ Pursue specialist certification in each major pain area – shoulder pain, sciatic pain, knee pain and more. Become part of our CTB Specialist referral network

☑️ Address "rounded shoulder posture" and other distortions using the Muscle Liberator™. No treatment protocol can compete with CTB for bringing muscle groups into balance.