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NCBTMB-Approved CE hours for massage. Don't want to have to think about your CEs for years to come? The Advanced Bundle lessons award 70+ CEs, making this content a great value even without the CTB™ Session Library. Get lifetime access to an entire year of material as soon as you sign up. Our Advanced Bundle, which includes what was previously called Year 2 of the CTB Membership, is now hosted on the Kajabi platform, for a fast and clean user experience, Community features, live events and more.

Finally master those confusing headaches, forearm, hand and foot pain complaints! Your work in Year 1 has fully prepared you for taking on these challenging cases, as many of these complaints stem from the shoulder and hip muscles.

Save your clients from unnecessary and potentially life-threatening back surgeries! And get rid of those crippling migraines and the dangerous pharmaceuticals used to treat them!

Extend your opportunities with specialist certification – now including specialties in headaches/migraines, plantar fasciitis/foot pain, carpal tunnel/hand/wrist pain and low back pain. Become part of our growing CTB™ Specialist referral network via our Pain Hackers Directory.

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"The CTB Membership has been very impactful. I've had several clients experience amazing transformations, from frozen shoulder to sciatica and even heel spurs."

Chris Eliades

CTB Advanced Member

Year 2 is the next step in the CTB Membership journey. We want to prepare you for tackling pain in the entire body and are confident that your Year 1 training has prepared you for what's to come!

The Advanced CTB Membership Bundle includes:

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The Equivalent of 52 Weeks of Training

We used to sell this material as 52 weekly lessons, but now with our Advanced Bundle on Kajabi you get immediate, lifetime access to Year 2 and more. Many very important and common pain areas are covered in advanced detail: Head and Neck, Lower Leg, Foot and Ankle, Low Back, Gluteal and Pelvic, Mid Back, Abdominal and Thoracic and Forearm and Hand.

CTB course lessons

CTB Session Library

Immediate access to the entire CTB Session Library. These recorded sessions are real time treatments on pain clients in the CTB clinic, performed by Chuck Duff and Doug Ringwald, also attended by clinical apprentices. See master practitioners at work, their decision making processes and answers to apprentice and client questions.

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70+ hours of remote CE - we are a longstanding approved provider of continuing education with NCBTMB.

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Specific Muscle Liberator™ & EPS Trainings

The Muscle Liberator™ and EPS (electronic point stimulator) are amazing tools if used correctly on the right muscles. Learn effective techniques using these tools on each muscle covered. ONLY available in the Advanced Membership.

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CTB™ Muscle Reference Manual for Year 2

Download the CTB Muscle Manual for Year 2. A great resource that condenses the important knowledge for each muscle: anatomy, TrP referral patterns, satellite referral relationships, differential diagnosis, treatment, contract/relax and more.

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Members-Only Mastermind Community Forum

Participate in the private CTB Members Mastermind Community on Kajabi. Interact with other students, administrators and instructors. Ask questions, get feedback and answers from instructors and peers. Attend live events, or view later from within the course.

What people are saying..

I am so impressed with your Coaching the Body training! I thought that I had studied TrP therapy! But, I never got the detailed referral patterns or the synergistic kinesiology. I'm really excited about opportunities this is creating in my career!

- Valoree Gift

CTB Membership Student, LMT

This is one of the best techniques that I have ever learned. Very helpful to my patients. I truly believe that the Liberator facilitates faster and lasting results in reducing muscle tightness and pain. I have been doing bodywork for 50 years, wish that I had known about this sooner. People now will often text me about having better range of motion and less discomfort as they go about their daily life. This is rewarding to know that this technique is changing their quality of life. Thanks again for providing this information in a format that is easy to follow.

- Joanne Verone

CTB Membership Student, LMT

This course has resonated to the very core of my practice and I am very excited to helping my clients with huge results. I have received one of the most beautiful compliments. A client stated "She wished she could give me to the World." I felt very grateful and blessed to have been able to have this knowledge.

- Dawn DeHamer

CTB Membership Student


The Coaching The Body™ Session Library is an ever-expanding collection of client sessions performed by CTB Founder Chuck Duff, Master Instructor and Practitioner Doug Ringwald and other therapists.

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Clinical sessions on clients recorded for the express purpose of educating certification students.

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Observe how CTB™ sessions are structured.

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Hear practitioners' client interviews and watch essential assessments that will shed light on the client's individual case and perpetuating factors.

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Learn alongside certification students as they observe sessions, ask questions and take part in assessments and treatment.

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Learn the critical skills of analysis & decision-making.

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We utilize the EPS in many areas of the body, but it's particularly useful with the small muscles of the neck, forearm and hand.  In addition to providing a fast and effective treatment, it assists in locating and identifying specific small muscles through the muscles' motor response.


This year of the membership includes more in-depth training on the use of our Electric Point Stimulator (EPS) - a single-point TENS unit that is very effective in trigger point work and Coaching The Body™ techniques.

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Trigger points are small areas of metabolic stagnation at the neuromuscular junction, where the motor nerve meets the muscle fiber.

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Electrical stimulation saturates the motor endplate zones in a region with stimulus, causing sarcomere twitch contraction, improved metabolism, reduction of tenderness/hardness, and increased ability of the fiber to contract on demand.

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With single-point low-level electric current, the EPS can target individual muscle fibers.

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Stimulating a motor response from a dysfunctional muscle will quickly and easily soften contracture fibers and increase your efficiency in restoring normal muscle function.

Diane Sawtell

CTB™ Membership Student and LMT

Best information and teaching I have ever had in my 20 years of taking classes.

Vera Zarth

CTB™ Membership Student and LMT

I should have learned all this 35 years ago when I started out as a LMT. Now this will carry me 4 more years til retirement! Phew...

Thurman Roberts

CTB™ Membership Student and LMT

. . . loving the structure of the program. I did a 650 hour massage program out of Northern California and the things covered there are being totally pulled together for me. It's the answer to some of the questions I didn't know how to put words to.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to Head & Neck Pain

Focus: This lesson provides an overview of the analysis and treatment of head and neck pain. This area is subject to a wide range of perpetuating factors, and proper analysis is critical if we're to be successful in treating the pain in a lasting manner. Breathing, anterior and lateral posture, stress, work and sleep ergonomics and many other factors must be uncovered in order to treat pain in the head and neck successfully.

  • Head & Neck Pain Overview Slides & Downloads

  • Head & Neck Pain Overview Lecture

Head & Neck: Treatment Principles & Assessments

Focus: Many factors tend to converge at the head and neck, so we have to undertake a thorough analysis of several perpetuating factors to get to the source of pain in this area. The muscles that stabilize the head and neck are sensitive to lateral and anterior postural asymmetry, breathing dysfunction, shoulder positioning, overall stress, sleeping position, and much more. In this week's lesson, we will go into detail on how to conduct this analysis and each of the key assessments.

  • Treatment Principles

  • Postural Assessments

  • Head Range of Motion Assessments

  • Postural Assessments Demo

Introduction to the EPS

Focus: The electronic point stimulator is a very useful tool for CTB work. Because it directly influences the neuromuscular junction and stimulates sarcomere contraction, it can be very effective at quickly softening taut fibers, clearing neurologically influenced downstream trigger points and removing peripheral sensitization. The EPS is particularly useful in certain muscles, often in areas that have superficial exposure through the skin. This week's lesson will introduce the tool and show several common treatment examples. We use the EPS heavily in the neck muscles, and it will show up in many of the weekly head and neck lessons.

  • EPS Overview

  • EPS Example: Forearm

  • EPS Example: Vastus Medialis

  • EPS Example: Neck Muscles

Detailed Treatment of High Trapezius & Sternocleidomastoid

Focus: Basic high trapezius and SCM treatment begin any head/neck protocols, as down-regulating these muscles can provide an immediate relaxing effect to the entire upper body, as well as soften 2 muscles that may prevent progress in other areas if not treated first. Both tend to be headache and migraine muscles, so this work early on in the session can provide significant keys to how to focus the rest of your session.

  • High Trapezius & SCM - Anatomy and Theory

  • High Trapezius - Palpation

  • High Trapezius - Treatment (Manual & EPS)

  • High Trapezius - Treatment (Muscle Liberator)

  • SCM - Treatment 1 (Manual & EPS)

  • SCM - Treatment 2 (Manual & EPS)

Detailed Treatment of Levator Scapulae & Scalenes

Focus: Levator Scapulae is known as the "stiff neck" muscle.  It can severely limit neck rotation when there are trigger points due to pain on movement.  Trigger points in this muscle commonly react and produce pain when the muscle is shortened, actively or passively.  

For example, when a person turns their head to the right and they feel pain on the right posterior lateral neck, this is due to the shortening levator scapulae muscle on the right side.  The referral pain also commonly spreads downward into the upper back and sets up problems in the mid and low trapezius.

Trigger points in levator scapulae can occur during sudden overload, as in whiplash or a fall.  Also TrPs commonly develop when the muscle is actively or passively shortened for an extended period of time, such as during sleep with the head turned or when working without arm support. This muscle responds wonderfully to both EPS and Muscle Liberator treatment.

The scalenes are neck stabilizers and side flexors of the neck. They limit neck side flexion and have potent effects in the shoulder, upper back, brachial plexus, chest and down the arm. While not direct contributors to head and neck pain, the scalenes have important functional relationships to other neck muscles and must be included in treatment.

  • Levator Scapulae & Scalenes - Anatomy & Theory

  • Levator - Treatment

  • Scalenes Treatment 1 -

  • Scalenes Treatment 2 -

  • Levator & Scalenes Treatment -

  • Levator Scapular Treatment - Muscle Liberator

The Advanced Bundle Continues With Head & Neck, Foot/Ankle, Low Back, Forearm & Hand... and More!

The lessons continue to delve deeply into head & neck pain thru week 62, also covering conditions such as tinnitus. From there, we continue into the other important advanced body areas - please see below for module descriptions. Along with the Foundation Bundle, the Advanced modules fill out your knowledge to make you

Head & Neck Pain Treatment

With mobile devices so ubiquitous, head and neck pain are becoming more and more common due to postural stress. There is a powerful interaction between head and neck pain and shoulder pain. Head and neck muscle dysfunction can set up severe, chronic shoulder conditions such as frozen shoulder. You will learn to analyze and correct trigger point conditions setting up headaches, persistent neck pain, facial and jaw pain, TMJD, some visual and auditory disturbances, vertigo and more.

A woman treating her neck pain with a pointer excel 2
A man sitting on the floor with his feet on the ground.

Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg Pain Treatment

There is a powerful, hidden relationship between foot and ankle issues and pain complaints in other parts of the body. You will learn not just how to treat the muscles in this area, but how to analyze and correct conditions like hyperpronation, leg length discrepancy, and more. This is crucial, considering the commonality of hyperpronation and gait disturbance, which can contribute to issues ranging from low back pain to headaches.

Low Back, Gluteal and Pelvic Pain Treatment

Low back, sacral and pelvic pain is at epidemic proportions in our society. These complaints are very often misunderstood by the medical profession, leading to useless and even damaging treatments, including inappropriate back surgery. Learn to treat the extremely common trigger point patterns and perpetuating factors that underly most of these conditions. We build on the low back material in the Foundation Bundle, covering deep muscles in the low back and pelvis, including pelvic floor.

A man sitting on a bed holding another man's hand while stretching

Mid Back, Abdominal and Thoracic Pain Treatment

We show you how to understand the confusing ways in which trigger point pain can mirror between the abdomen, thorax and back, sometimes masquerading as organ or spinal issues. Many abdominal and mid back complaints are muscular in nature, yet clients and practitioners alike rarely understand the true origins of pain in this area, and are likely to assume serious medical diagnoses instead. You will learn how to understand and coach clients to improve dysfunctional breathing, a powerful perpetuator of upper body pain.

Forearm and Hand Pain Treatment

Forearm and hand pain is a confusing and complex area because of the large number of fine muscles, complex functional relationships and detailed referrals in this part of the body. We've been teaching practitioners how to treat the forearm, wrist and hand for over 20 years and will show you how to sort out direct and satellite referrals, detailed functional anatomy and using compression, vibration and the EPS to eliminate pain for good.


As you've likely seen in your practice, pain from trigger points is responsible for many complaints throughout the body. While Year 1 gave you training that will help you tackle many of the more common pain complaints that come through your doors . . . Year 2 will give you the in-depth skills to analyze and address difficult pain cases that fool most other practitioners.

As a CTB Member, you have already differentiated your practice from typical practitioners who look for an injury to explain the pain, and "rub where it hurts", which trigger point therapy has proven to be unsuccessful the vast majority of the time. Now take the next step toward becoming an elite advanced practitioner - who other therapists and MDs will refer their patients to - because you know how to get to the true source.

And remember, you will always have immediate, lifetime access to the lessons in our Foundation and Advanced Bundles.

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CTB™ Muscle Reference Manual for Year 2
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